DNS Services and Security

DNS Security and Services

You rely on your DNS for business and customer transactions,
we help you make it fast, resilient and secure

DNS is critical to the Internet and to everyone and everything that connect to it. Every web request, whether from a business, an individual user, or a connected device, begins with a DNS query. The importance of DNS not only makes it vulnerable to attacks, it carries major implications for anyone responsible for service infrastructure, Internet security, or web performance and reliability. Indeed, the criticality of DNS must be weighed into any decision related to its design, implementation, and use.

DNS as a platform may be a standard, but not all DNS services are created equal.

Why Akamai for DNS Services?

  • As an Internet cloud delivery platform, DNS is rooted in Akamai’s core.

    • Our mapping system leverages DNS to ensure the fastest and highest quality delivery of Internet content.
    • Our DNS technology defends our customers against DDoS attacks and targeted threats, enables new revenue streams for ISPs, and helps cloud applications perform better.
    • Our recursive DNS solutions serve over 50 million Internet subscribers for many of the world’s largest ISPs and protect enterprises from targeted threats.
    • Our contributions to DNS standards are changing the way DNS is used and implemented throughout the world.
    • And we continue to innovate in the DNS space in new ways: Mining DNS data to gather and integrate security intelligence into our enterprise and cloud security portfolios; supplementing the base protocol with a highly scalable, distributed policy engine; and building a fully-managed DNS platform as a service (PaaS) offer for ISPs.

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