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Akamai supports the worldwide simultaneous release of Nintendo’s new game console and app

Cambridge, MA USA | August 27, 2017


Akamai Technologies GK (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Shinji Tokunaga; “Akamai”), the world’s largest and most trusted cloud delivery platform, has announced that Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minami-ku, Kyoto; “Nintendo”) has used Akamai’s Media Delivery Solutions for the worldwide simultaneous release of its mobile gaming app and new game console.

Nintendo recently set itself a big challenge – to launch two products worldwide, simultaneously. The first was the launch of Super Mario Run, an action game for smartphones and tablets, released to about 150 countries. The second was the simultaneous global release of “Nintendo Switch,” the new video game console that allows users to play at home using a dock in TV mode, or using a kickstand in tabletop mode, or on the go in handheld mode – anytime and with anybody.

The main challenge for the release of Super Mario Run and Nintendo Switch was securing a stable network. So Nintendo turned to Akamai’s Media Delivery Solutions, which was also used for the worldwide distribution of its Miitomo smartphone game app last year.

Kenichi Takemoto, Tech Lead and Coordinator, Business System Development Group of Smart Device Department in Nintendo’s Business Development Division, responsible for Super Mario Run said, “From Akamai’s track record, we knew we could get high performance and reliability, and the service also included a lot of optional functions. It’s almost a tailor-made service. That’s why we chose Akamai.”

Yoshinori Takata, Network Infrastructure Development Group of Network & Information Systems Department in Nintendo’s Platform Technology Development Division, the group in charge of Nintendo Switch added, “We want people of all generations to enjoy Nintendo Switch, so it’s essential to provide a stable network. We knew that Akamai offered highly flexible settings, and could deliver various types of traffic stably and securely to people around the world, so we considered Akamai to be the most relevant distribution partner. It has also allowed us to significantly reduce workload and cost.”

Delivering OTT video, software updates, games, social media, news and other content must be seamless, fast and scalable. Akamai’s Media Delivery Solutions scale to handle increased traffic, and support the complexity of connecting with various types of devices. The solutions have been adopted in many different industries.

Akamai president Shinji Tokunaga said, “I am delighted that Nintendo is using our solutions for their big effort presented by global distribution of a gaming app and the simultaneous worldwide release of its new games console. We supported Nintendo when it distributed Miitomo in 2016. Our part in that success demonstrated Akamai’s performance and reliability, and I think that is what led to Nintendo using our solutions again this time. Service providers need to respond to consumer needs, which are becoming ever more diverse and more sophisticated. As such, I am confident that Akamai will play an increasingly significant role in the future. Akamai, by offering the quickest and the most secure and stable Internet solutions, is seeking to help all of its customers."

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