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Akamai MFA

Prevent employee account takeovers and data breaches with phish-proof MFA.

With collaboration being such a vital component of our business, we were feeling the limitations of our perimeter-based security. We felt we needed to implement a new Zero Trust model in order to continue scaling our company, while also ensuring safety.

Takeshi Seki, Technical Director, Infrastructure Engineering

Make phish-proof authentication as easy as a mobile push

Get the strongest authentication with FIDO2

Stop MFA bypass attacks with the most secure standard for multi-factor authentication.

Increase security, not hardware

Make MFA unphishable with end-to-end cryptography. No clunky physical security keys.

Reduce the workload on administrators

Simplify adoption with self-service enrollment and an easy smartphone app experience.

Unrivaled MFA. End-to-end security.


FIDO2 MFA security on any smartphone defeats phishing with frictionless push notification.


Select your authentication factors, including secure push, standard push, TOTP, and SMS.

IdP integration

Easily integrates with market-leading IdP and identity solutions for a seamless MFA service.

Automated provisioning

Automates user provisioning workflows to ensure that changes in IdP are immediately reflected.

Event reporting

Rich reporting features keep administration teams informed of authentication events.

Self-service enrollment

Simplified, self-service enrollment and device registration reduce demands on administrators.

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