SAP NS2 utilizes Akamai to enhance security

With Akamai, SAP NS2 was able to provide customers with fast access to needed software while also ensuring formidable security

The partnership with Akamai offers us that additional level of security that I think we need.

Folake Martin, Director of Cloud Operations, SAP NS2

Trusted Partnership Provides Security and Peace of Mind

With technology constantly changing, there is a need for quicker, easier access to resources. Folake Martin is the Director of Cloud Operations at SAP NS2 and her primary focus is just that: providing customers with quick and easy access to the software they need, but doing so with formidable security controls.

Partnering with Akamai has provided Martin and her team the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have that additional level of security under one umbrella set of solutions. Armed with the ability to provide a service to their customers that is scalable, secure, and has the ability to grow as fast as the customer is growing, SAP NS2 looks forward to a partnership with Akamai that will also grow over time.

About SAP NS2

SAP National Security Services (SAP NS2) is an independent subsidiary of SAP that provides enterprise technology solutions to support national security. With nearly one thousand employees across the United States, SAP NS2 is dedicated to delivering the best of SAP innovation, from cloud to predictive analytics, from machine learning to data fusion. Not your typical systems integrator, software vendor, or cloud provider, they leverage the capabilities of industry-leading commercial off-the-shelf software, backed by trained experts to bring the customer cost-effective solutions with quicker deployment times, robust support, and US-based maintenance for mission-critical applications.


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