Audience Segmentation Cloudlet

Perform a traffic split with cookies for A/B testing with session stickiness

Easily define audiences and quickly split visitor traffic for A/B and multivariate testing while taking advantage of the web performance and security of your Akamai CDN.

Akamai Audience Segmentation
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A/B and multivariate testing is an important practice that informs the optimization of the web experience that you design and deliver for your customers. Identifying unique criteria and hand-coding visitor audience segments at the data center can be labor intensive, complicated, and error prone. When attempting to split visitor segments for A/B testing while also leveraging a CDN for performance and security, it becomes difficult to maintain control over defined visitor audiences without making compromises that can be detrimental to performance and the overall user experience. What good is your A/B test data if it is tainted by slow page loads that lead to abandonment? 

Audience Segmentation provides a cloud-based tool to select various audience criteria and control cookie duration using the scale and performance of the Akamai Edge to segment your visitors. You can save time and money on custom development, gain operational agility and avoid performance degradation by retaining the full advantage of your Akamai CDN.

Audience Segmentation

Unlike the do-it-yourself approach or solely relying on a 3rd party, The Audience Segmentation Cloudlet eliminates the need to design and hand code audience match criteria at the server or load balancer but also allows for full content cacheability and application acceleration on the Akamai Intelligent Platform.

  • Built-in Speed - segmentation of visitor groups happens at an Akamai Edge server, close to the end user, eliminating a round trip to your data center and any associated negative performance impact. 
  • Audience Management - maintain an accurate test population over time with less complexity. The Cloudlet will segment your visitors and set a cookie to maintain stickiness for the desired duration. 
  • Multi-Test Setup - setup and manage multiple web experiences for A/B testing with less complexity. 
  • Cloudlets Policy Manager - an intuitive rules based user interface that allows you to quickly design and activate policies within minutes.

User Interface

Cloudlets are self-provisioned and self-configured via Luna Property Manager and Cloudlets Policy Manager. You can also manage Cloudlets functionality via included API.

Audience Segmentation Management