Cloudlets FAQs

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Cloudlets applications.

Cloudlets Frequently Asked Questions

> What is the Cloudlets Policy Manager?

Cloudlets Policy Manager is the User Interface for creating and editing the Cloudlets policies, which are comprised of a list of rules. This is also where you would manage the {OPEN} API for each Cloudlet application.

> How will I learn how to setup and manage Cloudlets applicattions? 

The applications come with a user guide and video walkthrough on how to configure the settings in Cloudlets Policy Manager.

> Do Cloudlets applications Require an Akamai Delivery Solution? 

Yes, each application is designed to accompany your existing Akamai performance solution and work in concert with other Akamai Intelligent Platform capabilities.

> Do Cloudlets applications require I be using Property Manager for my Akamai configuration?

Yes, Cloudlets applications have been designed to be provisioned using Akamai’s Property Manager in Akamai Control Center.

> Can I try a Cloudlet application before I decide to purchase?

Yes, no-commitment trials are available either from the Akamai Marketplace in Akamai Control Center or by working with your account management team. From the Akamai Marketplace you can quickly provision and begin your trial immediately.