Request Control Cloudlet

Fast and easy access control for your web applications

Providing fast and easy access control, the Request Control Cloudlet is an easy-to-use tool that speeds and simplifies the creation and activation of whitelists and blacklists for incoming requests to your web application.

Akamai Cloudlet Request Control
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Access control is an important part of managing visitor access to your website or application. In today’s hyperconnected world, having control over who can, or can’t, access your web properties is critical to protecting your organization’s content and information. It’s important to ensure your resources remain available for your intended audience and are not hindered by unwanted traffic that could be driving up your costs. Often times these access control policy changes need to be made quickly and frequently creating a challenge to your web operations.

With the Request Control Cloudlet you can quickly allow or deny access to web applications from the Edge of the Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM with easy-to-manage whitelist and blacklists based on a number of match rules including IP address, geographic location, query string, URL path, or request header associated with the inbound request. You can easily activate the Cloudlet policies in seconds by using the dedicated user interface. With the Request Control Cloudlet you’ll save time and money, while gaining control over who can access your digital properties.

Note: The Request Control Cloudlet is not intended to be used for compliance or regulatory purposes and no guarantee of accuracy is expressed or implied.

Web Access Request Control

User Interface

Cloudlets are self-provisioned and self-configured via Luna Property Manager and Cloudlets Policy Manager. You can also manage Cloudlets functionality via included API.

Request Control Cloudlet