Akamai STEM Resources

STEM Resources for Your Community

We’re on a mission to help inspire future innovators.

We believe all aspiring scientists, tech geniuses, engineers, and mathematicians should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

As part of our work to increase diversity in tech, we support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) educational initiatives, particularly in communities that may lack resources.

Below we've compiled a list of STEM-related resources and organizations. We encourage you to visit the ones that interest you, or share with someone you know.

If you have resource suggestions or concerns, contact corporatecitizenship@akamai.com.

Disclaimer: Akamai is identifying these resources for informational purposes only. Akamai is not affiliated with the publishers of the information found at these links and does not necessarily endorse their views. Akamai has not verified the accuracy of the information provided.

Programs for Those with an Interest in STEM

  • AnitaB.org
    A worldwide organization supporting women interested in technology.

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  • Association for Computing Machinery
    Excellent resources for recent computer-science graduates and early-career computer scientists.

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  • BeaverWorks/MIT
    The MIT Beaver Works Summer Institute (BWSI) is a rigorous, world-class STEM program for talented students who will be entering their senior year in high school.

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  • Black Girls Code
    Community-based workshops and after-school programs for school-aged girls of color with an interest in computer science.

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  • ChickTech
    Community workshops and after-school programs for high-school-aged girls.

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  • Citizen Schools
    Citizen Schools equips young people with the skills, access and beliefs they need to thrive as students and succeed as adults in the modern economy. Schools, companies and families partner to provide students with a set of real-world learning experiences that put them on a path to college and career success.

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  • Code.org
    Online courses for aspiring computer programmers of all ages.

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  • Computer Clubhouse
    Community-based program for kids ages 10–18 to learn about computer science. Flagship program is at the Museum of Science in Boston, but many other programs run in Boston metro and surrounding areas.

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  • Gique
    Community workshops, panels, and after-school programs for school-aged kids with an interest in STEAM (the “A” is for “Arts”).

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  • Girls' Angle - A Math Club for Girls
    Program featuring in-person math instruction for girls from 5th to 12th grade. All ability levels are welcome!

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  • Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts
    Many activities scheduled for school-aged girls with an interest in STEM. Financial assistance is available for many activities and programs.

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  • Girls Who Code
    After-school clubs at community centers, libraries, and schools for girls interested in learning how to code. Also features summer-immersion programs hosted by local businesses.

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  • ID Tech
    One of the world’s greatest summer STEM programs for ages 7-18, held at 150+ locations nationwide. With world-class instructors and innovative courses in coding, game development, robotics, and design, programs instill in-demand skills that embolden students to shape the future.

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  • IEEE.org
    Extensive e-learning library for aspiring computer scientists of all ages.

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  • MIT CodeIt
    Outreach program for middle-school-aged girls interested in computer science. Runs weekly on Saturdays each fall on the MIT campus.

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  • National Society of Black Engineers
    Many programs, camps, summer-immersion offerings, and after-school experiences for school-aged children of color.

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  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
    Many programs focused on STEM education for various age groups and levels of experience. Financial assistance is available for many programs.

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  • Society of Women Engineers
    Educational programs and workshops for school-aged children as well as professionals.

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  • Women in Technology
    Many programs for all age groups and experience levels, including Girls in Technology, STEM for Her, and Young Professionals.

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