Input Validation Cloudlet

Strengthen your web forms against abuse or monopolization from brute force and behavioral attackers

Evaluate web form submissions against customizable recipes and limit excessive valid or invalid attempts at the Edge. Protect against behavioral and brute force attacks to help avoid business disruption, reduce custom development, and gain additional application offload.

Akamai Input Validation Cloudlet Video
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Your websites and applications contain user input fields that can open the door to spam, application abuse, and brute force attackers, risking your business continuity, PCI compliance, and causing a strain on your infrastructure. These attacks can be in the form of: 

  • illegal use or abuse of a self-service system or community 
  • attempts to disrupt or cheat voting events, promotions or sweepstakes 
  • even monopolization of a reservation or inventory system 
  • and many more ... 

The Input Validation Cloudlet application is designed to protect your business by confirming that the values submitted into a web application are well-formed and comply with your custom policy.

 Akamai Input Validation Cloudlet 3 Steps

When abuse occurs, this Cloudlet provides the ability to limit the number of valid and invalid form submissions per “user” by denying (403) or redirecting (302) visitors to an alternate content. Additionally you can set a temporary “penalty box” that will block a violating user from continued abuse of your application.

User Interface

Cloudlets are self-provisioned and self-configured via Luna Property Manager and Cloudlets Policy Manager. You can also manage Cloudlets functionality via included API.

Akamai Input Validation User Interface