Visitor Prioritization Cloudlet

User-friendly waiting room application for business continuity during peak traffic

Visitor prioritization is designed to decrease abandonment by providing a user friendly waiting room experience when your back end application becomes overloaded by providing granular control of traffic accessing your resources and bandwidth without abandoning the branded experience.

Akamai Cloudlet Visitor Prioritization
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Large surges in online traffic simultaneously present both opportunity and challenge for website and application owners. During large surges in visitor traffic, when your business has a great opportunity to engage users there is also risk that application delivery servers that are needed to process transactions can become overwhelmed and lead to visitor abandonment or site failure.

The Visitor Prioritization Cloudlet is an easy way to provide a branded, user-friendly waiting room experience that helps ensure your application delivery servers do not become overloaded by providing granular control of Internet traffic accessing your resources. Unlike provisioning additional hardware the Visitor Prioritization Cloudlet makes more efficient use of your existing resources and helps you to provide a positive user experience even when the volume of traffic is unpredictable.

Akamai Cloudlet Diagram Visitor Prioritization

User Interface

Cloudlets are self-provisioned and self-configured via Luna Property Manager and Cloudlets Policy Manager. You can also manage Cloudlets functionality via included API.

Akamai Visitor Prioritization User Interface