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Akamai EdgeWorkers brings serverless computing to the edge — for fast-to-market app and site modifications using JavaScript and your existing DevOps workflows.

Akamai EdgeWorkers serverless computing is a new way for developers to deploy modifications to sites and applications without learning the complete Akamai stack. By using JavaScript and the tools your team already has at its disposal, developers can create serverless functions to customize web traffic and site responses. And by moving computation from the origin to the edge, your modifications will have faster impact across geographies. Engineered with the needs of both in-house and managed services teams in mind, Akamai EdgeWorkers greatly reduces the learning curve, decreases latencies, and accelerates time to market.

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Agile deployment with a shorter learning curve

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EdgeWorkers serverless computing enables Akamai users to run JavaScript at the edge to customize web traffic and end-user experiences at critical points upon the delivery path. EdgeWorkers leverages the Akamai network to actualize the benefits of serverless computing: low-latency, high-performance, fast-to-deploy computation. In solving time-sensitive delivery challenges — such as A/B testing, managing URL redirects and traffic filters, and customizing error responses, offloads, and failovers — EdgeWorkers puts your team in full control at the point of consumer interaction. Moving computation to the edge — rather than the cloud or centralized data center — delivers modifications to your customers more rapidly across geographies. Best of all, EdgeWorkers lets you build controls and make modifications directly at the edge for maximum agility using your existing DevOps tools and workflows.

  • Creation of redirects
  • Cookie management
  • Header-based traffic filtering/response
  • Customization of responses

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