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Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

What is 2FA?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) has become the standard to provide an extra level of authentication and security. It ensures only authenticated and authorized users gain access to business-critical applications. In today’s threat landscape, relying on just a username and password is no longer enough.

With Enterprise Application Access, 2FA can be applied to any application — or group of applications — or user, with a single click. Akamai has made it easy to avoid months of development and testing. To access enterprise applications, users need to only enter a URL on their favorite device for the application they need, then provide their Active Directory or identity provider credentials and 2FA passcode.

Enterprise Application Access

The assumption from an IT implementation perspective is that adding 2FA requires development, testing, and ongoing maintenance. However, with Enterprise Application Access, 2FA requires:

  • No additional hardware management
  • No additional setup (user/device integration, delivery, training)
  • No API integration and development work for each application

With MFA-enabled Enterprise Application Access, the end-user experience is seamless.

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