Okta-SSO for Internal Apps

Get Single Sign-On for Internal Apps

As technology continues to develop, more and more applications become not just convenient, but necessary and business critical. The challenge becomes providing access that delivers both a great user experience and best-in-class security for the business.

Using Okta, which allows both employees and contractors to access critical applications with the same login with its Single Sign On (SSO) technology, is one way that corporations are able to provide simple, secure, and convenient remote access.

While Okta works with many applications, there are still gaps in application coverage, such as non-SAML applications, which must be filled with additional technologies.

Creating new logins for incompatible applications defeats the purpose of a seamless Okta integration. For these instances, you can now look to Enterprise Application Access.

Applications from Oracle, SAP, Atlassian, and Microsoft do not work with Okta. In addition, internally developed corporate applications for supply-chain, finance, manufacturing, DevOps, and collaboration may not be designed to work with Okta (a SAML-based identity provider).

Enterprise Application Access (EAA) bridges the SSO gap for applications that previously could not use Okta because they did not support SAML. The result is a truly seamless SSO experience.

Use Okta + Akamai to support:

  • Non-SAML applications from Oracle, SAP, Atlassian, and Microsoft
  • Internally developed corporate applications
  • Any SAML-based application

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