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Fast DNS

Cloud-based DNS for improved performance, availability and resiliency against DDoS attacks

Fast DNS provides an authoritative DNS service that offloads DNS resolution from your infrastructure to the cloud. Built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, Fast DNS is architected for both performance and availability and can maintain a fast DNS experience even through the largest DDoS attacks. Fast DNS can be deployed as a primary or secondary solution with optional DNSSEC support to protect against DNS forgery and manipulation.

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Otto Goup Case Study

Otto Group

See how the second-largest online retailer in B2C stopped DDoS attacks against its DNS infrastructure and kept its shopping sites online.

Cloud Security

Global Traffic Management

Ensure that users are routed to the most appropriate data center with intelligent routing based on real-time data center performance health and global Internet conditions.

Emergency DDoS Protection

Emergency DDoS Protection

Akamai’s DDoS protection services are easy to activate, and our expert DDoS protection team is available 24x7 to stop your DDoS attacks fast.

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