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Akamai Network Partnerships

Work with Akamai to deliver superior quality of service to your end users.

As the world’s largest on-demand distributed computing platform, Akamai recognizes that network operators seek to optimize their traffic and enable new revenue streams while controlling costs and reducing network complexity. To that end, we offer a number of ways to partner with Akamai, including our Akamai Accelerated Network Partner (AANP) program and our Peering Interconnection at IXP locations.

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  • Add CDN capacity to your network quickly and easily through the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform
  • Accelerate performance by deploying CDN technology within your network
  • Save network costs on transit and backbone by leveraging Akamai’s CDN platform and capacity
  • Improve the web experience by delivering media, web applications, and software content closer to your subscribers

Akamai Accelerated Network Partner FAQs

AANP is a program designed to benefit network operators, end users’ online experiences, and Akamai’s customers, while minimizing transit and other costs through deployment of Akamai servers in operator facilities.

Peering Interconnection

Akamai will openly peer with any network at IXP locations where mutually present, and will also consider private interconnection relationships on a case-by-case basis.

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Become a Network Partner

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