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From the Beginning: Internships With Akamai

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September 27, 2019

At Akamai, our internships are both unique and meaningful. What do we mean by this? Well, we believe an internship should add real, significant value to an intern's skill-set. So, not only do they get to learn on the job at Akamai, experiencing our values and culture, but we get them involved in live projects from day one.

How does this make our internships different?

In the last year, our internship program was selected as one of the top 100 internship programs in the U.S, citing our 50% female intake over the last two years as one of the defining aspects of the program. However, this is one of many factors which makes the Akamai program stand out.

All Akamai interns are involved with senior leadership from the get-go, with their own mentor to provide individual guidance. This way, no intern gets lost in the system.

Akamai interns have the opportunity to develop their skill set in the ways that are most valuable to them. We understand that everyone is different, and as such, everyone has a different vision for their future. As a result, our internship scheme is not a one-size-fits-all program. Rather, with one-to-one support and mentorship from leaders, all interns can make the experience work for them.

How do I become an Akamai intern?

We source our interns in a variety of ways. Our main platform is Jumpstart, the sourcing site for entry level talent. We not only post our vacancies on there, but we also reach out to specific people who we feel have the talent we're looking for. Also, we keep our eyes peeled for talent emerging from programs such as Girls Who Code and The Grace Hopper Program.

To get involved as an intern, you need to be undertaking either a bachelors, masters or PhD degree. As long as you are in full time education and returning to your educational program after completing the internship, you are eligible to join our 12 week program. Other than that, everyone is welcome to apply.

We simply value a passion for tech and self-motivation. So, for example, we're always interested to talk to applicants who may have undertaken other internships or enjoy building their own apps or devices in their spare time.

What does the program look like?

The program begins with an orientation, where all the interns meet each other. This is designed to be a social occasion, where all the interns can start to feel a bit more comfortable and perhaps overcome any nerves.

After this, all interns go directly into their teams, where they meet their team leader and are introduced to the Akamai culture. Then, they get straight to work with our senior members of staff on live projects, being supported throughout by their mentor. So, you can be sure if you have any questions there's someone right there to answer them for you.

As well as getting our interns involved on live projects, we provide opportunities for learning and development throughout the program. To ensure our interns are on the right track, we utilise skill-based assessments to understand each individual and their needs.

What else does the program involve?

The program includes what we call a "Fireside Chat". This is an opportunity - entirely unique to the internship program - to meet with VPs and senior level individuals in a close and personal setting. In this meeting, we let the students ask whatever questions they like. So, these could range from asking senior level staff about the journey of their career, to how they manage their family life in such a busy role.

Students are always eager to learn, and we love giving them this time to be inspired. Hopefully, hearing from our senior staff gives them a chance to really think about what they want to achieve, and what that might look like for them. It's safe to say, we love it as much as they do.

What other programs do you run?

We also run internship programs based in India and Krakow, for which we select participants currently studying on technology courses. Similar to our US based internship program, all participants work on live projects from the get-go and receive one-to-one mentorship.

On all our programs, we make sure we reward and recognize top performers. As such, we cultivate a culture of celebration. At Akamai, we believe it is our responsibility as leaders to continue to pave the way for the next generation of technologists. So, undertaking an internship with Akamai should provide participants with not just the skills, but the motivation to achieve their goals.  

Ultimately, an internship at Akamai is all about enabling participants to explore their own abilities, surprise themselves and, as a result, dream bigger. After all, at Akamai, we don't think small, and we don't think inside a box. So, we consider it our duty to expand the vision of our students, to not only help them imagine, but actively start to live out the career they've dreamed of.

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September 27, 2019