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Announcing a New Property Manager Extension for Visual Studio Code and Eclipse

Iga Koprowska

Written by

Iga Koprowska

December 10, 2021

We’re proud to announce the 1.0 release of the Property Manager extension to  Visual Studio Code and Eclipse.

With the new Property Manager extension, you can edit and validate Property Manager API (PAPI) JSON rule trees right from your integrated development environment (IDE).  It allows you to make and validate critical changes to your configuration closer to your DevOps environment. Once you've updated and validated the configuration file in your IDE, you can easily push it back to the platform with PAPI or Akamai command-line interface (CLI).

Although you may have already tried the beta release, the newest version provides access to dynamic lists for external resources, such as content provider (CP) codes or NetStorage groups.

What’s Supported Today?

Our new extension makes it easier to dynamically edit and validate your Property Manager JSON rule tree files:

And includes features such as:

  • Syntax highlighting

  • Syntax autocomplete based on your Akamai product(s)

  • Inline JSON syntax checker

  • Property Manager variables support

  • Rule tree validation

  • Error handling with links to problematic code lines

Integration with external resources

Akamai external resources are now integrated into the autocomplete feature. Instead of running separate API or CLI calls to fetch available external resources like CP codes, we’ve extended the autocomplete feature to prompt you with a list of external resources available for the property ID and version associated with your rule tree.

We support the following resources:

  • CP codes

  • NetStorage groups for the originServer behavior

  • Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Storage access keys for the originCharacteristics behavior

  • Beacon data sources for the adaptiveAcceleration behavior

  • Revocation lists for the segmentedContentProtection behavior

  • EdgeWorker IDs

  • Stream names for the datastream behavior

  • JSON web token key locations for the verifyJsonWebToken behavior

  • Locations for the cloudWrapper behavior

  • Custom behavior IDs

Want to Learn More?

You can find the full documentation for this extension, including code examples and tutorials to help you get started, on the VS Code and Eclipse marketplace pages.

Got Questions or Feedback?

User opinions are very valuable to us, so we encourage you to try out the latest release and share your feedback on the Property Manager plugins for VS Code and Eclipse IDEs. We’d love to hear what you think.


Iga Koprowska

Written by

Iga Koprowska

December 10, 2021