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COVID-19 Information – Akamai’s Commitment to Employees

Our Commitment

The global COVID-19 pandemic is transforming our lives in many ways. The world is challenged with a critical need for remote workers, and people have found their working lives – and work itself – significantly changed. At the same time, many of us are almost entirely dependent on the Internet for critical information, commerce, entertainment – and to connect with one another. Our commitment to help our customers protect and deliver their digital businesses is stronger than ever. Most important of all, the health, safety and well-being of others is our priority – including our employees, customers, contractors, suppliers, and the communities in which we operate. As a result, we continue to seek global talent with inspiring, innovative and collaborative minds. We have shifted our approach to hiring and are conducting virtual interviews, as well as onboarding new colleagues remotely in order to grow our community.

Hiring Practices

Our recruiters and managers are receiving comprehensive resources and training for remote hiring. We’re conducting interviews, and continue to prioritize an engaging candidate experience.

New colleagues join us weekly through remote onboarding. We are committed to ensuring incoming talent feels welcome, prepared and included from day one.


To safeguard our people, we took actions quickly and responsibly. This included restricting all Akamai-related business travel, asking our employees to work remotely, and cancelling all Akamai events through May 2020.

We have asked our people to consider their own health and safety as well as the health and safety of those around them as priorities.


We acknowledge that uncertainty can cause stress and anxiety, and strongly encourage our people to invest time and energy in their own well-being.

Employee well-being is a long-standing priority for Akamai, and we offer many resources to support our people, such as our Employee Assistance Plans, which provide confidential, short-term counseling to both employees and their families. At the moment, we’re adding to those resources with specific guidance for remote working, including advice on creating a schedule – building in time for breaks, meals, exercise, and quality time with family.


Our strong employee culture is a unifying force. This means first recognizing that different people have different needs, and providing the right support, such as flexible working arrangements.

It also means making the most of our collaboration tools to bring people together across locations and time zones. We have a dedicated intranet page where colleagues can share information and ask questions, and across our social channels people are engaging in various activities, from posting pictures of their work environments to sharing insights, perspectives, and inspiration. Our leaders are also contributing – writing blogs and creating video messages.

Collaboration and transparency are at the heart of our culture, and we will remain in close contact with our people throughout this crisis, providing as much guidance as we can. In March we hosted a series of COVID-19 webinars with The Emergency Preparedness Chair and Director of The Center for Disaster Medicine at Mass General Hospital to share as much information as we could about the virus itself. Our leadership team is hosting ongoing town halls and Q&A sessions regarding business impact and working practices, and we continue to ensure all important information is being communicated and is easily accessible.

These are unprecedented times. But with the continued dedication and hard work of our people we will get through the challenges ahead. While we are physically separated, internal feedback shows that our people feel more connected now than ever, which is a testament to our culture and community.

We thank each and every one of our employees for their continued dedication and resilience.