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COVID-19: Akamai's Preparedness

As of May 2021

Akamai's Actions

With continued concerns associated with COVID-19 surges in parts of the world, Akamai wants to assure our customers, suppliers and partners that we have taken several steps to minimize the risk of disruption to our business. Our customers can expect Akamai to provide the same high-quality, reliable services they have come to trust for over twenty years.

Akamai has been actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation around the globe for several weeks, communicating frequently with our employees. A Pandemic Preparedness team of senior leaders across the business meets bi-weekly to assess new information, make decisions, and manage our business continuity planning in response to new information as it becomes available. This team is informed by a cross-functional working group that is continuously monitoring and assessing the latest health and economic updates, government mandates and restrictions, and employee and business impacts.

Our guiding principle in every decision we make is what is best for our customers, employees, contractors and suppliers, and the communities in which we operate.

Service and Support Continuity

While there are certain places where onsite support is preferable, Akamai is fully capable of remotely operating the Akamai Intelligent Edge platform, including providing customer service as well as technical and business support remotely. Akamai Broadcast Operations Command Centers (BOCC) located in the U.S. and India and Security Operations Command Centers (SOCC) located in the U.S., Costa Rica, Japan and Poland are capable of fully operating remotely. In addition, because our SOCC and BOCC teams operate globally across shifts, we are set up for impact to be spread across regions rather than being localized. The Akamai Network Operations Command Centers (NOCC) in the U.S.,India and Poland require minimal onsite efforts. In addition to the global redundancy of these multi-site operations there are contingency plans in place to enable service and support continuity.

Currently, we are not seeing an impact to our ability to support customers. We have mitigation plans in place should we have a situation in which customer support is impacted, including prioritizing high priority cases over lower ones, prioritizing premium support requirements, asking people to work additional hours, and redeploying people from lower-severity support functions.

The Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform

The core of Akamai’s many service offerings is rooted in Akamai’s Intelligent Edge Platform, a globally distributed overlay network with over 370,000 servers deployed in 4,000 locations across 135 countries and 1,435 networks. Due to this truly unique design, the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform is naturally resilient to failure in any single, or multiple locations.

Continuous Monitoring

This is a dynamic situation, but one we are diligently monitoring in real-time and communicating about to all of our stakeholders. We believe the structures and policies we are putting in place will enable us to continue to manage effectively and stay focused on ensuring we deliver on our commitments to our customers and the safety of our employees and communities.