Adapting to the Unpredictable

New Research Report: State of the Internet / Security


Like everyone, we at Akamai had to pivot to new ways of working in 2020, even as we supported thousands of customers through their challenges. One reason we were successful: We relied on our own CDN and security products.

Our new research report, Adapting to the Unpredictable, takes you behind the scenes to show you:

  • The massive traffic surges and spikes that Akamai navigated for our customers
  • A security solution that served almost 300 million daily DNS queries for Akamai alone
  • What security logs reveal about DNS exfiltration, C2, phishing, and malware attempts

We present this information in a new research report format. Each of these new State of the Internet (SOTI) / Security reports provides a brief, focused look at a single theme.

Download your report now. See how Akamai and our customers adapted to the unpredictable.