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Akamai Korea Provides Enterprise Application Access to KETI to Help Develop Zero Trust Security Environment

- Akamai increases presence in public market, providing EAA to KETI
- KETI strengthens security systems and facilitates business services with Zero Trust architecture

None | February 06, 2020


Akamai Technologies Korea (Managing Director KyungJoon Lee,, the intelligent edge platform for securing and delivering digital experiences, announced that the Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) (President YoungSam Kim,, a research institution dedicated to electronics and information communications technologies, has begun its transformation to a Zero Trust security environment with the introduction of Akamai's Enterprise Application Access (EAA) solution.

The switch of security model from "Trust but verify" to a Zero Trust model is necessary to protect applications, data and employees from the ever-growing large-scale cyber security threats. The Zero Trust security model grants "least access" regardless of location or hosting model on the assumption that there is no such thing as "internal" in order to minimize risks when user permissions are granted.

Akamai's EAA is designed to help secure enterprise applications, ensuring only authorized users and devices have access to the internal applications that they need and not the entire network. Leveraging EAA and its security at the edge, no one can access applications directly because they are hidden from the Internet and public exposure.

Security for research and new industry data is critical to KETI, an R&D institute specializing in electronics and IT under the umbrella of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. As the number of KETI employees accessing its network remotely increases in recent years, there is a greater need to secure access to internal applications from outside the office networks, allowing only authorized users to access authorized applications – as a replacement for the existing SSL VPN system. To address this need, the agency has adopted Akamai's EAA with an identity aware proxy that provides availability to applications without the need for user access to the network.

With the introduction of EAA, KETI's data processing team can authenticate all devices and users and verify permissions before applications or data are sent. In addition, users can access services that previously required a login to a VPN agent to check email or submit a vacation request outside the organization, if they are web based, without an agent, helping them to do business more easily.

An official from KETI's data processing team said, "As the company's applications, data, devices and users have moved beyond its boundary, strict remote access control is a must." The official added, "Akamai's EAA solution has helped us address security vulnerabilities stemming from existing remote access control systems, while making network connections and management much easier across the organization."

"I hope that KETI's EAA adoption would trigger expansion of Zero Trust security model across the Korean public sector," said KyungJoon Lee, Managing Director of Akamai Technologies Korea. "We will continue to actively support domestic customers to strengthen their overall security systems and to respond to mobile and cloud requirements more effectively based on our Zero Trust security solution."

About Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI)

KETI conducts R&D to create new industries with high national importance and supports innovative growth of small and medium-sized companies in Korea, as an 'innovation maker' in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. KETI also creates success stories of shared growth with companies through the operation of a customized corporate support platform. Since its establishment, KETI has played a pivotal role in Korea's growth engines, focusing on GSM mobile phone exports, driving the HDTV industry, fostering the digital mobile TV/Radio industry and enhancing technological competitiveness in next-generation batteries. Recently, KETI, as a leading global research institute, has strengthened the competitiveness of domestic companies with cutting-edge technology developments -- self-driving solutions such as scanning LiDAR and global IoT connectivity platforms. To learn more about KETI, visit

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