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Akamai Showcases Commitment to Powering the Most Engaging Digital Experiences at DeltaV Conference

Akamai Engineer Among Show’s Co-Hosts; Senior Product Manager Leads Session Providing Latest Advice on Managing Web Performance

United Kingdom - London | May 07, 2018


Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the world’s largest and most trusted cloud delivery platform, will bring its years of expertise enabling exceptional web experiences to the DeltaV Conference, being held May 10 and 11 in London. Akamai Principal Software Engineer Simon Hearne is one of three esteemed co-hosts and web performance experts who curated and designed the DeltaV Conference program, and Akamai Senior Product Manager of mPulse RUM Lauren Younger will deliver a session on “How To Manage Performance Like a Product” during the conference. Live on-site demonstrations will highlight Akamai’s latest and most powerful web performance products updates and releases.

Akamai has continued its efforts to simplify for our customers the task of designing and delivering engaging digital experiences, as made evident by several major updates to its Real User Monitoring (RUM) and Adaptive Acceleration Solutions. These features are designed to provide businesses with the visibility and control they need to identify and resolve web and mobile app performance bottlenecks. Major updates to the platform that DeltaV attendees can learn more about on-site include:

  • Perceived Performance Metrics: Traditional RUM behavioral insights are complemented with new metrics such as visually ready and time to interactive, which give customers a better understanding of when the application feels ready for the end-user, or if there are issues that lead to frustration
  • Page Construction Metrics: Easily measure page complexity to help pinpoint problematic page elements with new metrics like request count and transfer size as well as analyzing by resource types and their impact on page performance.
  • Middle Mile Metrics: Visibility into Content Delivery Network (CDN) performance helps inform necessary enhancements to caching and acceleration strategies.
  • Powerful First and Third-Party Script Management: Mitigate slowdowns and errors while delivering personalized, engaging content.
  • Acceleration Enhancements: Support for at-origin and at-mobile app Brotli compression and adaptive network optimizations, enabling developers to create better performing applications.
  • Improvements for Secure Browsing: Includes support for TLS 1.3 and more intuitive certificate provisioning.
  • Advanced Image Management: 360-degree media viewer integration, artistic image transformations and dynamic image policies simplify dynamic image management.

In addition, Younger’s session will be held on Friday, May 11 at 11:00 a.m. During this session, conference attendees will have a chance to hear how businesses can leverage product management strategies and data to identify and prioritize web and mobile performance optimization efforts.

For more information on Akamai’s web and mobile app performance offerings, please visit here.


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