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Application Delivery

The core responsibility of today's enterprise IT department is to ensure that business critical applications are delivered to end users reliably, securely, and with minimal latency. Typically IT's focus in optimizing application delivery is on how applications are architected and managed within the four walls of the data center. While necessary and valuable, this origin infrastructure oriented approach to application performance management is insufficient when—as is increasingly the case—applications are delivered to end users over the public Internet. For many of today's business applications, application delivery performance inevitably depends on the quality of the Internet connection between the user's device and the origin data center.

The Application Delivery Solution for Web Connected Business Applications

No company has more experience with application delivery over the public Internet than Akamai. Akamai's global web content and application delivery network spans approximately 300,000 servers in more than 130 countries and delivers upwards of two trillion interactions daily.

For enterprises wanting to optimize the delivery of critical applications to web-connected employees, partners, and customers, Akamai offers an integrated suite of Web Performance Solutions that provide capabilities including:

  • Caching of static and dynamic content across the global Akamai content distribution network—within one network hop of 90% of Internet users.
  • IP network optimization technologies that find and use the fastest route between end users and your origin infrastructure, based on real-time Internet conditions.
  • TCP optimizations and proprietary transport protocols that reduce the number of round-trips required to deliver application content.
  • Global server load balancing that intelligently apportions traffic across multiple origin data centers.
  • Inline mobile device detection and mobile optimization.
  • Acceleration of non-web, IP-based applications like virtualized desktops or SSL VPNs.
  • Defense in depth against DDoS attacks and other cyber threats.

In combination, these and other application delivery optimizations enable Akamai to offer our customers a 100% global availability SLA and 100% global performance improvement SLA.

Application Delivery and More, from the World's Leading Delivery Platform

Akamai's application delivery solution is a managed cloud service that requires no additions to your origin infrastructure. Along with acceleration of business and ecommerce applications, the versatile Akamai Intelligent Platform provides an ideal solution for cloud hosting of media libraries. For content providers or enterprises with large video catalogs, Akamai offers not only globally distributed cloud storage of video assets, but also an inline video optimization platform that transcodes and optimizes video for playback on a wide variety of devices.

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