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Welcome to a destination where the security community can access, engage with, and learn from Akamai’s threat researchers and the insight that the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform affords into the evolving threat landscape.

Research Spotlight

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In addition to driving industry-leading security intelligence, Akamai threat researchers regularly publish in academic journals and present at conferences and industry association events, sharing mitigation strategies and data focused on the constantly evolving security landscape.

People Management with Kathryn Kun: A Discussion

Kathryn Kun, the XO of the Office of the CSO, joins Martin and Steve for a discussion about people management, and the challenges associated.

Three Editors Walk Into a Podcast: A Discussion

Steve, Martin, and Amanda talk about what it’s like to edit a report the size of the SOTI.

Detecting Mylobot, unseen DGA based malware, using Deep Learning

We look at an unfamiliar botnet generating more DNS traffic than all of the other botnets currently tracked on Akamai’s platform.

Featured Security Report

State of the Internet / Security: 2021 - Phishing for Finance

It was another record-breaking year for cyberattacks against the financial industry. Credential stuffing attacks were up 45%, while SQL Injection and Local File Inclusion were the most common web attacks. Along with an overall increase in incidents, 2020 saw new daily peaks, with attacks reaching 63 million attacks in one day in November. And we witnessed the rise of phishing kits, which introduced a whole new approach for hackers to take. In our latest report, we team up with WMC Global to bring you a complete, in-depth look at the current state of cyberthreats against FinServ businesses.

Featured Researcher

Greg Hesselberg leads a team of Cyber Security experts that thrives on the adversarial nature of defeating DDoS attacks against our customers. With over 20 years of experience in Internet Security, he has an extensive understanding of IP protocols and services. This accumulated knowledge has resulted in Greg being key to the development of mitigation strategies and, of high importance, a key resource for Engineering to partner with as new mitigation capabilities are created for the platform. An example of where Greg applied his security skills was the introduction of a new mitigation technique on Akamai’s Prolexic Routed platform that addressed a unique attack that was later named WireX. His most valued moments as a professional are the collaborations with others, especially from other departments that have led to great team successes. Educated as an Aerospace Engineer at a time when floppy disks doubled as coasters, he has experienced firsthand and adapted well to the incredible evolution of the Internet to the ubiquitous platform it is today.

Threat Visualizations

Our unprecedented visibility provides insights into DNS and IP traffic that inform threat visualizations to reveal risk factors and attacks blocked, and provide critical security data.

Web Attack Visualization

Daily threat levels by industry and region containing informed Internet security metrics.

Global Attacks

The total of all web application attacks observed in the past 24 hours.

Enterprise Threat Monitor

Phishing, malware, plus command and control threats blocked visualized in real time.