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Understand the business impact of performance with real user monitoring

A slow-performing or error-prone website can cost millions in lost revenue. Monitor and fix website and application performance issues, improve user experience, and raise your business to new heights with Akamai’s universal, intelligent Real User Measurement (RUM) solution, mPulse. mPulse provides the capabilities for detailed performance and advanced error analysis, and correlates them directly to business metrics such as conversions, page views, and revenue.

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What is mPulse

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There is a strong correlation between page load time and human behavior. If users cannot engage quickly with your digital application, they will take their business elsewhere. Collecting data directly from a user’s browser in real time, Akamai’s real user monitoring tool mPulse captures demographic information like location and device type, performance metrics such as bandwidth and page load times, as well as engagement metrics like bounce and conversion rates, for a complete perspective.

By measuring from the user’s browser or app, end user monitoring software not only quantifies the correlation between page load time and user engagement, but also shows where to optimize performance for more positive outcomes. With this information, teams across your entire organization can correlate the impact of performance metrics to the bottom line, prioritize resources, and coordinate your efforts to improve the key performance indicators most valuable to your business.

Real Data, Real Time, All the Time

mPulse collects data from every user event directly from the browser and stores it for historical analysis.

Patented “What-If” feature

Combine 100% of your real user data with advanced predictive analytics to understand the patterns of your business, as well as the unique relationship between performance and successful revenue and conversion outcomes. Also, for online media, “What-If” illustrates the relationship of performance and user engagement.

Correlation and analysis

Business and performance metrics come together. Object-level details displayed in waterfall dashboards show individual user experiences and identification of bottlenecks or single points of failure (SPOFs).

Identify which pages matter most

Conversion and Activity Impact Scores answer the question “How much impact does the performance of this page have on conversions or session length?”

Full SPA support

mPulse provides performance monitoring for all SPA frameworks including AngularJS, Backbone.js, Ember.js, React.js, and even custom.

Master third-party resources

Measure and manage all of your third-party resources. Understand the performance impact of all third parties and third-party vendors, then take action to optimize.

Find trends and get answers to your toughest conversion and engagement questions without having to sift through data

Pull actionable insights from your data to understand how individual objects, like images, or entire pages are impacting user behavior

Align business and IT stakeholders on key initiatives and metrics that drive go-to-market priorities

Use real user behavior across geographies, devices, and other dimensions to create the most statistically accurate test plans

Monitor any digital application including single-page application (SPA) frameworks such as AngularJS, Backbone.js, Ember.js, and React.js

Collect advanced and custom metrics to give you full visibility into your unique application’s performance

Finding and fixing performance issues that are getting in the way of revenue

Monitoring the user experience during code releases, migrations, or critical business events

Prioritizing your development efforts in alignment with business opportunity

Illustrating the business impact of performance to business stakeholders

Measuring the performance of third-party content and informing strategies to mitigate negative impacts

Capturing real user data to inform real-world performance testing strategies with Akamai CloudTest

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