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Proactive protection against zero-day malware and phishing

Enterprise Threat Protector proactively identifies, blocks, and mitigates targeted threats such as malware, ransomware, phishing, DNS data exfiltration, and advanced zero-day attacks. Enterprise Threat Protector is a Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) that enables security teams to ensure that users and devices can safely connect to the Internet, regardless of where they are connecting from, without the complexity associated with legacy approaches.

Enterprise Threat Protector is a cost-effective security solution that can be installed and setup in minutes.

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Spotlight on Enterprise Threat Protector
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We’re Constantly Monitoring Enterprise Threats

This real-time visualization shows the phishing, malware, and command & control threats that Akamai is blocking (for customers) through its Intelligent Platform and its unprecedented insights into DNS and IP traffic.

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Improve Security Posture Everywhere

Your recursive DNS is likely unprotected, and as such, could be exploited. In a matter of minutes, add a layer of security that uses DNS as a control point to uniformly and immediately block malicious domains and communications for all of your users, whether they are on or off network.

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Secure Direct Internet Access (DIA) Connections

Protect your branch DIA traffic quickly with zero complexity, without replicating your security stack at every location.

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Protect Guest Wi-Fi

Easily enforce an acceptable use policy (AUP) across your guest Wi-Fi for both brand and user protection.

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Ruthy Mabe
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Customer Story: MCNC

“[Our customers’ security] resources are limited. The ETP solution is one that is easy to deploy and lightweight. It’s one that we can walk through with a 30-minute configuration call. And they’re up and running and protected…We have a CIO [who said] something like, ‘It paid for itself in one attack.’ ” — Ruthy Mabe, Security Services Program Manager, MCNC

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Customer Story: Educational Testing Service

"We’re dealing with attacks as any company would be…When people think of ETS, the first thing they think of is the test question. Protecting that intellectual property is very important. That’s one of the reasons we leverage Akamai." — Fred Manno, Business Technology Leader, Educational Testing Service

Features: Enterprise Threat Protector

Real-Time Akamai Threat Intelligence

Up-to-the-minute threat intelligence with low false positives based on Akamai’s visibility into 15-30% of daily web traffic, 2.2 trillion recursive DNS requests, and proprietary data science algorithms.

Analysis and Reporting

Real-time insight via an easy-to-use dashboard into all outbound enterprise DNS traffic, as well as threat and acceptable use policy events.

Real-Time Inline Payload Analysis

Three advanced malware detection engines identify and block complex advanced threats and improve zero-day protection.


DNS logs are retained for 30 days and can easily be exported as a .CSV file or integrated into a SIEM for further analysis.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Management

Customize and enforce your enterprise AUP and ensure compliance by limiting access to certain content categories.

Security Insights

Quickly understand why Akamai has added a domain or a URL to its threat intelligence lists.

Customer-Categorized Threat Customization

Integrate existing threat intelligence feeds, extending value from your existing security investments.


All DNS requests sent to Enterprise Threat Protector have DNSSEC enabled.

  • Guest Wi-Fi
  • Intelligence
  • Advanced Threat
  • Block malware, phishing, and C2
  • Identify DNS data exfiltration
  • URL inspection
  • Inline payload analysis
  • Enforce security for roaming users
Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
  • Enforce AUPs
  • Enforce Safe Search
Reporting, Monitoring, and Administration
  • Real-time, enterprise-wide activity and search
  • Integrations via an open API
  • Delegated administration

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How Does Enterprise Threat Protector Work?

Akamai Enterprise Threat Protector Overview

Enterprise Threat Protector uses multiple layers of protection — DNS, URL, and inline payload analysis — to deliver optimal security and reduced complexity, without impacting performance.

By simply directing your external recursive DNS traffic to Enterprise Threat Protector, all requested domains are checked against Akamai’s real-time domain risk scoring threat intelligence.

Safe domains are resolved as normal, malicious domains are blocked, and risky domains are sent to a smart selective proxy where the HTTP or HTTPS URLs are inspected to determine if they are malicious. The HTTP and HTTPS payloads from risky domains are then scanned in real-time using multiple advanced malware-detection engines.

Enterprise Threat Protector Insights