What is Application Hosting?

Application hosting is a type of SaaS (software as a service) hosting solution that allows applications to be available from a remote cloud infrastructure and to be accessed by users globally through the internet. It is usually offered to businesses by application hosting providers, on a recurring subscription.

An application hosting provider offers enterprises the opportunity to operate their software applications from the cloud via application hosting services.

Modern-day internet users are more demanding than ever. They want instant, secure and reliable access to multimedia content, no matter where they are in the world. Meanwhile, security threats are constantly evolving, becoming increasingly advanced. To deliver value in the face of all these challenges, application hosting providers require proven solutions that can help deliver exceptional user experiences.

Application hosting services

Application hosting services are cloud-based solutions that enable the virtualization of business applications. By using the cloud, enterprises can fix issues and make updates to their web applications easily. Cloud hosted solutions allow for multiple users to access content from around the world, providing a secure solution that does not rely on soon to be outdated hardware.

There are many different kinds of application hosting services, all of which serve a different purpose. They either directly benefit the user or the enterprise itself:

  • Content management applications. These help enterprises better distribute their content and manage it remotely. They also directly benefit users, who have a better user experience when visiting web applications. Examples might include content management systems, which provide optimized content for users without the enterprise needing to download software.
  • Web development applications. These relate directly to the build of mobile apps and desktop/mobile sites, providing a secure solution with a better user experience.
  • Database applications. These concern the handling of sensitive data and code. Modern-day database applications need to have security considerations as their number one priority due to advancing threats.
  • Email management applications. These can be web-based email management services which can be accessed from anywhere in the world, without having to download software onto a computer.

How Akamai improves application hosting performance

Anyone who has ever shopped online, downloaded music, watched a web video or connected to work remotely has probably used Akamai's cloud platform.

We enable enterprises to take advantage of market opportunities by removing the complexities of technology. Our application hosting solutions are based on the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, which optimizes business operations by improving performance, making applications more reliable, enhancing security and perfecting the user experience. These services include:

  • Device and format proliferation: upgrading you to the latest systems to satisfy customers and avoid security threats.
  • Fixing performance and reliability issues: by handling everything from the cloud, hardware-based risk is significantly reduced.
  • Application and network security: providing advanced security solutions to the deepest layer of the OSI model.
  • Content distribution: with content delivery networks, users do not have to wait too many precious seconds before accessing your content. All online content is even distributed across servers, and the most efficient geographical server delivers content to the user instantly.

By using the cloud, enterprises can fix issues and make updates to their web applications easily. Cloud hosted solutions allow for multiple users to access content from around the world, providing a secure solution that does not rely on soon to be outdated hardware.

Explore Akamai’s comprehensive application hosting solutions

As one of the world's leading cloud service providers, we provide solutions that enable the application hosting provider and application service provider to improve performance, increase reliability, enhance security, and provide high-performing user experiences. We provide:

  • Web Application Accelerator (WAA). This cloud-based service enables application hosting providers to cost-effectively deliver web-based applications that are fast, reliable and secure. With WAA, providers can improve response times by up to 500%, ensure high availability, and deliver consistent worldwide performance.
  • IP Application Accelerator (IPA). This solution enables application hosting providers to deliver IP applications to globally distributed users quickly, securely and reliably. It also allows providers to deliver high availability and consistent response times worldwide, without the expense of building out and supporting dedicated IT infrastructure.
  • Alta. This cloud-based application delivery controller enables application hosting providers to overcome the challenges of delivering applications over the Internet. Alta simplifies application deployment and optimization, enabling applications to be seamlessly migrated across data centers and clouds, with delivery optimizations following the application automatically.

Learn more about Akamai solutions for application hosting, as well as other solutions for DDoS protection, cloud networking, and more.