Application security

As your organization increasingly engages customers, partners and employees through web and IP-based applications, web application security must be a critical priority. Attackers know that disrupting web applications can result in significant loss of revenue, reputation and customers. To prepare for the inevitable attacks, you need application security solutions that deliver fast and effective protection in order to safeguard your infrastructure and maintain web application performance and availability.

As a leading provider of enterprise cloud computing solutions that make the Internet fast, reliable and secure, Akamai provides innovative technology for web application security, as well as solutions for web acceleration and performance, mobile performance, media delivery and cloud security.

Application security with Kona Web Application Firewall.

Akamai’s Kona Web Application Firewall provides advanced application security with always-on and highly scalable protection against a range of attacks. By leveraging the globally distributed Akamai Intelligent Platform™, Kona Web Application Firewall automatically scales to defend against even the largest attacks.

Inspecting every HTTP and HTTPS before serving it, Kona attacks and blocks web application security threats before they reach the data center. Adaptive rate controls automatically protect against an application-layer DDoS attack by tracking and controlling the rate of requests against applications, while network-layer controls automatically drop network-layer attacks at the network edge.

With Kona Web Application Firewall, you can:

  • Maintain application performance and availability during attacks by relying on Akamai’s globally distributed architecture.
  • Minimize the risk of data theft with a highly scalable web application firewall.
  • Reduce the risk of downtime with technology that can scale to defend that even the largest DoS and DDoS attacks.
  • Lower costs associated with web application security by leveraging Akamai’s cloud-based solutions.
  • Defend against existing and evolving threats with rules that are continually updated by Akamai’s Threat Intelligence Team.

Application-based monitoring for greater application security.

Prolexic Application-Based Monitoring detects application-layer DDoS attacks early, proactively notifying your security administrators of a potential attack. Prolexic monitors web traffic entering the data center using equipment deployed on your premises, correlating millions of data points per second to identify and analyze malicious Layer 7 traffic easier and faster, providing stronger web application security.

Capabilities of this Akamai solution include:

  • Application-layer DDoS detection, including GET/POST floods and low and slow attacks.
  • Non-intrusive monitoring using passive analysis of data from a network tap or switching SPAN port to prevent interruption or slowing of web traffic.
  • An in-depth analytical approach that uses historical data and correlates data across multiple sensors to produce alerts within 15 seconds.

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