Software delivery

The Internet has become the primary channel for software delivery – from desktop applications and mobile apps to games, security patches and other file-based digital products.

But software delivery online presents significant challenges for software providers. Network latency, congestion and bottlenecks can slow or interrupt downloads, resulting in poor completion rates. To provide software delivery during peak demand periods, providers often spend heavily on overbuilt in-house solutions, leaving significant excess capacity during non-peak periods. And managing an in-house software delivery solution can be costly and complex, further reducing the potential for revenue growth.

To provide users with a fast, secure and exceptional download experience, providers require a software delivery solution that can optimize downloads to improve completion rates, maximize customer satisfaction and simplify download management. That’s where Akamai can help.

Software delivery with Akamai

As a provider of solutions that make the Internet fast, reliable and secure, Akamai provides solutions that improve website performance and mobile performance, enhance cloud security and speed software and media delivery.

Akamai Download Delivery is a high-performance software delivery solution that is optimized to deliver large file-based content over the Internet. Download Delivery provides customers with a predictable, high-quality web experience when downloading software, and offers providers comprehensive metrics and optional tools to easily monitor and manage the entire download process.

Akamai Download Delivery includes superior application acceleration capabilities to improve the speed and enhance the quality of software delivery.

  • Capacity and scale. Akamai Download Delivery is built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, the world’s largest cloud-based platform for web acceleration and for securely distributing software, web content and video. As a trusted partner to leading content providers, Akamai has helped to deliver the world’s largest software releases in global distributions that have set benchmarks for scale and capacity.
  • Performance. To minimize the impact of network latency, congestion and packet loss on software delivery speeds, Akamai deploys a network of edge servers that includes 20 to 100 times more Points of Presence (POPs) than other global CDN providers. By situating edge servers closer to users, Akamai enables software delivery with the industry’s lowest latency and highest download speeds.
  • Quality. Akamai’s software delivery capabilities are built on 15 years of experience delivering content to global audiences.

Benefits of Akamai’s software delivery technology

Akamai enables software providers to:

  • Improve download completion rates by accelerating software delivery speeds.
  • Scale to meet peak demand without costly infrastructure buildout by leveraging Akamai’s cloud-based solutions.
  • Offer a superior software delivery experience with a fully customizable user interface, automatic launch actions, multi-file software download support, and automatic error checking and correction.
  • Provide secure software delivery through token authentication.

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