Financial CDN Services

Security and Performance for Financial Services

To thrive in the faster forward world, banking, insurance, asset management, brokerage, payments and financial exchanges need to meet customer demand for instant, secure, reliable online access to all content and services — on any device, anywhere. Leading financial services institutions trust Akamai to deliver on the promise of this hyperconnected world.

Akamai for Financial Services

Partner with Akamai’s team of highly skilled experts

Ensure you reach your banking and insurance customers with the best web experience by leveraging Akamai’s team of highly engaged cloud services professionals.

Improve site performance to delight customers and grow revenue

Seconds matter in online financial services. Revenue conversion increases and visitor abandonment decreases with each second of response time improvement. With mobile access on the rise, ensuring fast, reliable mobile performance is critical. Akamai optimizes web experiences for mobile users regardless of their device, connection, network speed or location.

Defend against attacks and data breaches

Traditional financial service website defenses have been overwhelmed by the volume and sophistication of network and application level attacks. Defenses based solely within the data center have often proven inadequate. Akamai's massively distributed content delivery network (CDN) provides unmatched scale at the edge of the Internet, far from your data center for "always on" protection against DDoS and sophisticated data breach attacks.

Leverage the cloud to realize cost savings and global reach

As financial firms migrate to hybrid and private cloud infrastructures, they need web performance and security services that work across their combined data center and hosting environments. Akamai's highly distributed cloud services deliver sites and web applications consistently, with high performance, while providing control and security.

"Using Akamai's service boosted application delivery performance by 50%. What's more, we gained the capacity to scale on-demand – even during extreme trading peaks." — Uri Strauss, Head of Operations, Easy-Forex

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