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Eliminate blindspots and unknowns in your Digital Performance Management with these complementary solutions.

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mPulse Real User Monitoring and Marketing Analytics

If you use Akamai mPulse RUM, you probably utilize a digital marketing tool as well. These tools are different but complement each other in the best of ways – while mPulse provides granular insights into the business impact of performance issues, a digital marketing analytics tool helps users understand the effectiveness of their marketing tactics, advertising, and campaigns. This combination of mPulse RUM and a marketing analytics tool enables organizations to have a broader understanding of online user behavior in the context of business metrics.

Whether you use Google or Adobe Analytics the complementary relationships of these tools with Akamai’s mPulse afford users unparalleled and actionable insight into their online business. Akamai mPulse is designed to provide the industry’s deepest focus regarding the impact of digital performance on conversion, user experience, and business outcome. While Google and Adobe Analytics, both leaders in digital marketing analytics, provide organizations an understanding of the correlations between marketing campaigns, user tracking, and conversion.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the leader in digital marketing analytics, and enables users to understand the effectiveness of SEO, advertising, and marketing spend. The powerful combination of Akamai’s mPulse and Google Analytics provides users with insight needed to eliminate blind spots in both digital performance and digital marketing.

What Data Akamai Collects vs What Data Google Collects

mPulse and Google Analytics

Adobe Analytics:

Adobe Analytics, which is part of Adobe’s Marketing Cloud, is a leader in digital marketing analytics. It provides users an understanding of the correlations between marketing activity, user tracking, and conversion. Using mPulse and Adobe Analytics together gives you greater management and understanding of your digital marketing and performance initiatives.

What Data Akamai Collects vs What Data Adobe Collects

mPulse and Adobe Analytics