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Application Access Redefined: Simple. Secure. Convenient.

Enterprise Application Access is a fundamentally new approach to remote access management that is easy for IT, provides inherently better security, and delivers exceptional user experience. Applications are not accessed directly because they are hidden from the Internet and public exposure. There is no device software, no software upgrades or updates, and no additional hardware to manage. User management — from onboarding to offboarding — and security capabilities such as multi-factor authentication are enabled with a single click. Request a free trial to see how easy it is to provide simple and secure application access.

“Providing our pool of over 15,000 world-wide testers with secure access is our highest priority at 99tests. That is why we chose Enterprise Application Access (EAA) for our critical third-party access requirements.”
- Praveen Singh, Founder and CEO,
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Enterprise Application Access 90-Second

Easily enable 2FA/MFA for all applications

Further minimize unauthorized access by authenticating users outside your infrastructure without needing additional hardware or architecture.

Single sign-on for internal apps

Seamlessly access on-prem applications and extend the Okta SSO scope to corporate applications delivered by vendors such as Atlassian, Microsoft, SAP and Oracle.

Strong encryption

All access is encrypted using AES256 encryption over TLS-1.2, ensuring that no confidential data is exposed to prying eyes on the network.

Deploy once, consume anywhere

In less than 30 minutes, companies can enable secure access to applications deployed in private clouds, e.g. VMware or OpenStack, or on public clouds, e.g. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute or IBM Softlayer.

Full-featured, server load balancing capabilities

Balance traffic load across a group of servers and configure to monitor the health for each application server and apply a variety of load balancing policies.

Centralize Your Security and Access Control

Determine access rights for users as well as the specific applications they are authenticated to use, in both cloud and hybrid environments.

Keep all users off of your network and make your applications invisible to the Internet

Lock down your firewall or security group to all inbound traffic Shield your infrastructure and protect applications from Internet attacks, including DDoS and botnets.

Collapse an equipment rack into a cloud service

Use a service that consolidates ADCs, Wan Optimization, VPN, & 2FA.

Complete auditing and reporting of user activity

Capture all users IP address, usernames, and actions taken, as well as geolocation. Helps to ensure HIPAA and PCI compliance.

Access + Performance of Employee Apps

All employees need access to critical applications in order to do their day to day job. When application performance is poor its cost can be felt in a decrease in productivity. EAA improves application performance for the end-user while also increasing application security.

PCI Compliance

Meet the strict requirements for remote access in environments subject to PCI DSS for all enterprise applications hosted behind data center firewalls and hybrid cloud environments.

Multifactor Authentication/2FA

Security teams can ensure stronger authentication policies by enforcing an easy-to-use MFA model for end users.

OKTA /Single Sign-on (SSO)

Bridge the single sign-on (SSO) gap between on-prem corporate applications such as SAML, enabling IT to leverage the full utility of Okta.

SharePoint Access

Ensures SharePoint users only get access to the SharePoint portal - and nothing else on the network with a unique dual-cloud architecture that closes all inbound access to your infrastructure, reducing your attack surface.

Detailed Auditing & Reporting

All access activity to and from applications secured is archived and available through the Management Portal or an API.

Akamai Insights

What is Enterprise Application Access?

Akamai Enterprise Application Access Overview

Enterprise Application Access has turned traditional access management on its head, using a secure cloud to provide a new and better way to solve the pain for applications hosted in data centers and hybrid cloud environments.

Enterprise Application Access delivers access to applications without providing user access to the entire network. Additionally:

  • Applications are not accessed directly because they are hidden from the Internet and public exposure.
  • A unique dual-cloud architecture closes all inbound firewall ports while providing authenticated end users access to only their special applications.
  • Data-path protection, identity access, multi-factor authentication/2fa, application security, and management visibility and control are integrated into a single service.

Managing and controlling remote access for employees, contractors and partners becomes less complex and more secure.