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Boost Origin Offload, Protection, and Performance

Many organizations that distribute online media content are migrating to the cloud. They may be moving at different rates and for different reasons, but all have a common need to lower costs and deliver amazing user experiences to their online audiences.

When audiences request content in large and sometimes unpredictable volumes, retrieving it from origin can raise costs and performance often suffers. Cloud Wrapper protects origin infrastructures from these overloads to improve performance and control egress costs.

“We’ve already seen that Cloud Wrapper improves the offload numbers and of course that means egress costs go down. We’re getting the benefits out of Cloud Wrapper now.”

- Tomas Perovuo, Head of OTT, MTV Oy
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What is Cloud Wrapper?

Cloud Wrapper from Akamai

Cloud Wrapper optimizes connectivity between cloud infrastructures and the Akamai Intelligent Edge. It consists of a highly efficient custom caching layer that wraps around centralized cloud infrastructures. This reduces the frequency of user origin requests and the cost to distribute content from the cloud.

Cloud Wrapper provides consistently high offload levels, even in the event of a traffic spike. As a result, public and private cloud origin infrastructures maintain a high level of service predictability and performance. And end users receive more consistent, high-quality experiences delivered from the Akamai Edge.

Use cases include live and on-demand streaming, as well as the distribution of online games, software, and other downloads. Cloud Wrapper can be combined with Akamai’s Adaptive Media Delivery, Download Delivery, or Object Delivery — all of which deliver high-performance media at scale unique to Akamai.

Minimize Origin Costs

Reduce calls to origin, cloud infrastructure requirements, and egress fees

Deliver Consistent Quality of Experience

More requests served from the Akamai Intelligent Edge leads to happier audiences

Consistent Service Predictability

Maintain high origin offload even during spiky or high-traffic volumes.

Flexible Deployment Options

Meet unique customer requirements globally.

Customized Cache Footprint

Utilize space within the Akamai Intelligent Edge Network to cache large content libraries.

Request Collapsing

Eliminate unnecessary trips to origin by combining end user requests before retrieving content.

Origin Spike protection

Ensure a predictably low level of requests and traffic back to origin, even during events or launches that experience high volumes of end user requests.

High Availability

Cloud Wrapper features built-in redundancy and content replication across multiple locations to maximize uptime and service predictability.

Live Linear Streaming

Deliver consistent, high-quality 24/7 linear OTT channels with minimal origin requests.

Live Streaming

Protect your origin infrastructure and stream broadcast-level quality live events.

On-Demand Streaming

Offload origin requests across your entire content library — including popular and long tail content — while ensuring the best video quality for on-demand streams.

Online Gaming and Software

Protect your origin during the next highly anticipated game launch or software release.

Music Streaming

Entertain online audiences with flawless music streaming without worrying about the load on your origin infrastructure.