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Your online presence is growing on both desktop and mobile, and your users expect great performance, especially during peak periods. Even if retail isn’t your business, your site still has to be ready for sudden peaks in visitor traffic. Ensure every user is satisfied and doesn’t jump to a competitor’s site with Akamai’s scalable, global load testing platform CloudTest. CloudTest provides a comprehensive performance platform for quickly validating and optimizing web and mobile user experience.

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Continuous Testing is Critical to Driving Business Results

  • Performance Testing Your Digital Apps in the Real World – Will You be Ready When It Counts?
    Anthony Larkin, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Akamai Technologies
    Karl Stewart, Sr. Product Manager, Cloud Test, Akamai Technologies
    Recorded: October 9, 2018

    Quality of experience and consumer trust are critical to the success of financial services organizations. As more banking and investment services move online it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward to attract and retain customers through your digital services. If your website and applications fail to meet expectations, or worse, become unavailable, not only can you lose out on transactions in the moment, but it can be damaging to your reputation.

    In this webinar, hosted by American Banker, Anthony Larkin and Karl Stewart, from Akamai’s products team, discuss best practices around managing the performance of your applications. Whether you’re preparing for a large event, or making enhancements to your software or environment, you need to test performance, so you’ll be ready when it counts.

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  • eBook: Software drives business innovation and digital transformation
    Read how automated software quality (ASQ) strategy and real user measurement (RUM) support digital application testing, quality, and data analytics.

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  • eBook: The complete guide to performance testing your retail websites and apps
    Read about the common challenges online retailers face with application testing for performance and security, including technology, metrics, and the staff to execute a strategy.

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  • Whitepaper: Being a website performance leader equals more visitors, more money
    Learn how the most successful organizations use every tool at their disposal to understand performance, both from an internal perspective and from the view of real users.

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