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Peak traffic spikes happen. Slowdowns and downtime don’t have to.

Make sure your website and mobile apps can handle whatever customers throw at them. CloudTest lets you stress test your environment to ensure that your site or app is ready for any sudden spikes in traffic. Our engineers help you design your test at any scale or stage of production and interpret the results. You’ll see what the problems are and where they originate, so you can fix them before they affect customers.

MarketScape Report

IDC MarketScape Report: Akamai CloudTest among top 4 cloud testing and ASQ SaaS platforms

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What is CloudTest?

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CloudTest from Akamai is one of the largest, highly scalable, global load testing platforms to help you quickly validate if your business is ready for success on that big day. It allows you to safely simulate your largest events in production with precise control, while producing a live analysis of what your site or app is capable of on your big day, and helping you drill down to the source of any performance bottlenecks.

It is a powerful combination of technology and talent that allows you to leverage load testing software as a service, while being supported by our best-in-class performance engineers with a collective 200-plus years of load testing experience.

It is also available as a subscription (without services) for integrated always-on load testing in production.

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Test Faster

CloudTest facilitates rapid test creation without coding and helps get a true picture of user experiences by showing how your systems respond to sudden spikes in user activity.

Stay in Control

Dynamic control on the load and ability to identify, isolate, and fix bottlenecks in real time allows you to confidently test in production.

Trust the Experts

Build, provision, and run tests, and receive deep, actionable insights on test results in collaboration with expert performance engineers.

Plan Ahead

Plan for big promotions or sale days, live events, release of popular content, a big game launch, or a live stream of a match — with bulletproof end-to-end infrastructure to handle the flash crowds.

Minimize Risks

Address risks that can lead to loss of transactional or advertising revenue, reduced viewership, poor customer experiences, or negative brand perception.

Elastic, Globally Distributed Environment

Accurately test your infrastructure with geographically dispersed loads. Our Global Test Cloud generates realistic production volume from locations that represent your actual user base.

Visual Test Creation

Object-based scripting allows you to insert conditionals and loops; nest actions; set parameters, variables, and validations; and reuse and combine tests — all without code.

Visual Playback Editor

Drag and drop test cases into tracks to be executed on various cloud or on-premise locations. Configure virtual users, geographic origin, repeats, ramp-ups, and pacing with just a few clicks.

Customizable Dashboards

Use built-in dashboards, or quickly customize your own using a drag-and-drop interface to see what’s important to you. Merge analytics, including third-party data from monitoring tools, for a single view of performance.

Dynamic Ramp

Increase or decrease load during a test with real-time analytics. Pause the ramp to address issues or allow servers to recover. Recreate business cases by dynamically changing your test profile to mimic promotions or outages.

Real-Time Feedback

Quickly identify issues with up-to-the-second accuracy, under any load, with CloudTest real-time streaming dashboards.

Managed load testing as a service

Prepare for peak events both planned and unplanned (flash) by understanding app infrastructure scalability. With CloudTest, plan for promotions or holiday sales by bulletproofing your websites and mobile apps with the help of expert performance engineers by your side.

Integrated always-on load testing in production

Leverage CloudTest as a self-service subscription license to plug into continuous integration (CI) tools for automated “shift-left” testing. Understand exactly how your new website or mobile apps will perform under peak load with globally distributed locations and scale on demand.