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Image Manager

Enhance customer engagements with beautiful digital experiences that are also fast.


Advanced Optimization and Delivery

Your customers demand fast and engaging digital experiences. Image Manager intelligently optimizes both images and videos with the combination of quality, format, and size that is best suited for every device and browser. Remove the costs and headaches associated with creating, storing, and managing derivative assets. Deliver all derivative renditions at the Edge for high-quality, engaging web and mobile experiences that are fast and easier to manage.






Video Optimization

Deliver high-quality, short-form videos without worrying about byte size or bloated web pages. Image Manager can now automatically create and deliver optimized videos with the optimal quality, format, resolution, and size based on the user’s device.

Responsive HTML5 Media Viewer

Group images and videos together as a collection and display them via a mobile-aware HTML5 interactive 360° viewer with the ability to spin and zoom images, leading to increased customer engagement.

Dynamic Policy-Based Artistic Transformations

Need to apply image transformations at the code level? Create variant images without having to use the UI by simply changing the transformation values via query string parameters. Developers even have the flexibility to leverage any combination of transformations from a single policy.

Perceptual Quality Algorithm

Lighten the weight of your images while maintaining the best visual quality by intelligently calculating and applying a precise degree of compression for the maximum level of byte reduction that is imperceptible to the human eye.

Mobile and Network Aware

Automatically resize images and videos for smaller mobile device screens so users are not over-downloading digital assets that are larger than they need to be. Image Manager also delivers the best image derivative based on network conditions to accommodate high-latency mobile connections.

Automatically Convert Image and Video Formats

Automatically detect and convert digital assets to software-specific formats to take advantage of compressions that WebP, JPEG-XR, JPEG 2000, MP4 (H.265), and WebM (V9) can offer users. Even animated GIFs will be automatically converted to animated WebP for Chrome browsers.