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Measure What Matters

Monitor, find, and fix website and application performance issues with Akamai’s Real User Monitoring (RUM) solution, mPulse. Get granular visibility into how end users perceive performance, and take action against third-party resources that are slowing you down. Maximize your business outcomes by prioritizing enhancements that matter.

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Drive Engagement and Online Revenue

How mPulse Helps IKEA Improve Web Performance

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Real Data, Real Time, All the Time

Collect data from every user event directly from the browser, analyze it in real time, and store it for 13 months for historical analysis.

Measure What Matters

Understand when your page is visually ready, when it’s interactive, and when users first try to interact with it — by leveraging perceived performance metrics.

“What-If” Analysis

Correlate performance to business outcomes by combining 100% of real user data with advanced predictive analytics.

Prioritize Enhancements

Identify pages that matter the most by answering the question “How much impact does the performance of this page have on conversions or session length?”

Aggregate Resource Waterfall

Understand how individual resources perform over time and easily identify the problematic resources.

Master Third-Party Resources

Determine how individual resources affect page load time and key business metrics by modeling the impact of speeding up, slowing down, or removing them all together.
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How mPulse Works

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mPulse leverages Real User Monitoring (RUM) data to provide granular, real-time visibility into the performance of your sites and apps. It collects data from all end users and stores it for 13 months, making it easier to perform historical analysis. In addition to traditional performance metrics, mPulse also uncovers how users perceive performance by determining when the page looks ready to use, when a user interacts with it, and when the page is actually ready to use.

Performance is often impacted by resources such as images and third-party scripts, which are increasingly common in websites. mPulse determines the impact of each resource and helps you to take action to mitigate the impact of problematic ones. It quantifies the correlation between page load time and business outcomes, and shows where to optimize performance for greater ROI. This empowers teams across your organization to coordinate efforts to improve the key performance indicators most valuable to your business.



Insights Without Analysis

Find trends and get answers to your toughest conversion and engagement questions without having to sift through data.

In-Depth Visibility

Get granular, real-time visibility into the performance of your sites and apps.

Act on Problematic Resources

Determine how individual resources such as images and third party scripts impact user experience, and take action on problematic resources.

Fix What Matters

Maximize business outcomes by prioritizing enhancements that matter the most.

Alignment on Key Initiatives

Align business and IT stakeholders on initiatives and metrics that drive business outcomes.



Use Cases

Find and Fix Issues

Find and fix performance issues that are getting in the way of revenue.

Continuously Monitor Experiences

Monitor the user experience during code releases, migrations, or critical business events.

Develop What Matters

Prioritize your development efforts in alignment with business opportunity.

Master Third Parties

Measure the performance of third-party content and inform strategies to mitigate negative impacts.
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Create Realistic Tests

Capture real user data to inform real-world performance testing strategies with Akamai CloudTest.


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