Application Service Provider

The application service provider faces tremendous challenges today. Applications and application hosting environments are more complex than ever, yet users expect high availability, super-fast speed, and instant access on any device from any location. Online video and streaming media are growing exponentially, and websites and applications must make significant adjustments in order to accommodate them. To deliver the best user experiences, the application service provider must not only optimize and accelerate applications and web sites, but maintain the highest levels of security to defend against attacks and prevent downtime.

For the application service provider seeking ways to improve reliability, performance and security, Akamai can help.

Solutions for the application service provider

Akamai is the leading provider of cloud services for the application service provider that wants to provide a secure, high-performing user experiences.

We provide comprehensive solutions for the application service provider.

  • Web Application Accelerator (WAA) is a cloud-based service that enables an application service provider to cost-effectively deliver web-based applications that are fast, secure and reliable. WAA places all of its application delivery capabilities within the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, allowing optimizations to be distributed globally and located close to users and data centers around the world.
  • Alta is a cloud-based platform and application delivery network that the application service provider can use for web applications hosted anywhere. Alta enables the application service provider to overcome the challenges related to delivering applications over the Internet. Applications can be seamlessly migrated across data centers and clouds as needed, and the application delivery optimizations will automatically move with the application.
  • Ion is an integrated suite of web delivery, optimization and acceleration technologies that can intelligently make real-time decisions about web experience optimization based on the situational requirements of networks, devices, location, and browser. This innovative solution is designed to simplify increasingly complex web delivery and enable a web experience that can securely scale to meet peak capacity demands.

Benefits to the application service provider

With Akamai, an application service provider can:

  • Deliver high availability even at peak demand.
  • Improve global web and mobile performance.
  • Stop attacks with superior DDoS prevention and DNS security solutions.
  • Speed time to market.
  • Reduce operational and security costs.
  • Offload traffic to minimize the expense of hosting applications.
  • Outsource tasks such as web application testing to Akamai's services team.
  • Rely on Akamai's deep experience and world-class expertise in application performance and security.

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