For media network administrators seeking solutions to provide high quality video on demand, a video on demand content delivery network (VoD CDN) holds tremendous promise.

Users today not only expect fast access to video on demand, they also expect the experience to be broadcast quality. A VoD CDN can help media network admins meet these expectations more effectively and cost-efficiently. By caching content on multiple servers that are dispersed graphically, a VoD CDN accelerates delivery by filling requests for video from the servers that are closest to each user's location.

But while many media network administrators realize the need for a VoD CDN solution, implementing a CDN network from the ground up does not make financial sense for some. Administrators require features that extend far past the standard bit delivery CDN. For administrators seeking VoD CDN options that are easy to deploy and maintain but still provide advanced functionality to accelerate delivery of video on demand, Akamai has the answer.

VoD CDN Technology from Akamai

Akamai is the leading provider of cloud services that enable enterprises to deliver secure, high-performing user experiences on any device in any location. As the provider of the world's most highly dispersed CDN, Akamai serves up to 30% of all Internet traffic each day, making the company one of the most qualified providers of CDN internet solutions in the world.

Akamai Media Delivery Solutions help network admins engage audiences globally by delivering content at the highest quality without having to build out costly infrastructure. Media network admins can deliver adaptive CDN video streaming in real time for a high quality viewing experience, as well dynamic web content such as games, applications, and software downloads.

Akamai Aura Licensed CDN is a suite of CDN solutions that enables next generation IP video services to be delivered to any device. This CDN video streaming and VoD CDN solution enables administrators to deploy a highly scalable CDN for multiscreen video services, large objects delivery and HTTP caching. With Akamai's licensed VoD CDN solution, administrators can deliver their own content along with content from Akamai customers and other targeted OTT services.

Akamai Aura Managed CDN provides VoD CDN and CDN streaming server technology in a highly scalable and turnkey Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. This Akamai offering enables administrators to minimize deployment time and significantly reduce upfront costs by deploying a VoD CDN on infrastructure monitored and managed by Akamai. Aura Managed CDN lets administrators provide superior online video experiences and offers advanced value-added services that are available only on the Akamai Intelligent Platform™.

Benefits of Akamai's VoD CDN Technology

With VoD CDN Solutions from Akamai, administrators can:

  • Grow revenue by selling top VoD CDN services directly to content owners.
  • Reduce complexity with licensed and managed VoD CDN solutions.
  • Offer premium subscription content to many devices.
  • Improve the user experience by accelerating web content and delivery of video to any device.
  • Increased security with solutions to defend against CDN DDoS attacks and other threats.