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Transform and deliver the right online image to the right user

As the demand for rich, image heavy web experiences continues to increase, content owners have risen to meet the challenge. Today, there are an average of 60 images per page, and website images account for 63% of page weight. While great for users, the increase of online images presents tremendous challenges for businesses and content owners around image quality, storage costs, and time-to-market delays. Akamai provides an easy and cost-effective solution to optimize and deliver your website images for maximum performance and visual quality.

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Product Information

  • Akamai Image Manager allows you to engage online audiences with attractive images that are automatically optimized for both maximum visual quality and performance while reducing the cost and effort to transform and deliver web-ready images.   


    • Faster time to market 
    • Reduced storage cost 
    • Lighter and faster pages 
    • Quality without compromise

  • Image Manager Product Brief
    Learn about the benefits, features and use cases for Image Manager that can help your business simplify image management on your site.

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  • Image Manager
    Akamai Image Manager intelligently delivers lighter, faster images at the highest visual quality and accelerates time to market.

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Image Learning Center

  • White Paper: Simplifying Operations
    The ways the Internet supports our everyday lives have become richer, more engaging, and more mobile. As a result, businesses are constantly challenged with the complex requirements needed to keep users engaged, satisfied, and loyal. This paper describes the top three sources of complexity that threaten the successful delivery of modern web experiences and how to overcome them.

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  • Video: Importance of Images in eCommerce
    Caley Iandiorio, Industry Marketing Manager for Commerce at Akamai, talks with webcertainTM about how vital images are to commerce businesses in attracting customers. They discuss the challenges of increasing image quality on mobile devices, and how the development of virtual reality is changing the commerce landscape and the delivery of content.

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  • Brief: Put Web Images on a Diet to Improve Customer Experience
    This new brief from Forrester examines the challenges and complexity rich media is causing for web performance and user experience. It also offers guidance on when and how application and delivery professionals should optimize images to maintain acceptable performance.

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