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DNS Infrastructure

Reduce operational costs and improve subscriber experience with smart DNS.

Less expense. Better security. More personalization.

Minimize operational costs with smart DNS

Optimize performance, increase reliability. Eliminate load balancers and firewalls.

Enhance subscriber satisfaction

Deliver fast web responses. Sail through traffic spikes and end slowdowns.

Differentiate, add value with scalable services

Offer Security and Personalization Services to boost subscriber affinity.

Build-in speed, scale, and exceptional availability

Deploy it your way

Leverage cloud, managed, and on-prem resolution options aligned to your business objectives.

View real-time reports

Get instant verification that servers are operating properly. Use data to surface trends.

Collect data with ease

Collect query data and critical server statistics without impacting resolution performance.

Improve CX

Better map content to subscribers and CDN caches distributed across networks.

Scale name services

Get unmatched performance and scaling with AuthServe’s purpose-built database.


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