Akamai has acquired Guardicore to extend its Zero Trust solutions and help stop ransomware. Read more

Security & Personalization Services

Move beyond speed and reliability. Differentiate with security.

Create new service opportunities for MNOs

Expand into underserved markets

Offer secure internet purpose-built for families, SMBs, and mobile users.

Empower providers with customizable services

Showcase your brand with a unique look and feel. Tailor features to local markets.

Deliver plug-and-play security to subscribers

Provide foundational security that "just works," without configuration or maintenance.

Put providers on a secure path to generate revenue

Exceptional CX

Protect all subscriber devices with automatic updates and no software installation.

Personalized portals

Provide families and businesses with customizable services and network visibility.

Private network slice

Offer mobile services with complete security, visibility, and control.

Easy content filters

Enable subscribers to build web filters and availability schedules in a few mouse clicks.

Clientless solutions

Deliver mobile security for all SIM-enabled devices, regardless of manufacturer or OS.


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