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Editoriale Domus’s digital magazines deliver as traffic doubles

Publisher subscribes to faster performance and lower costs in the cloud

High-performance digital magazines for the next generation of readers

Facing a significant spike in traffic to online publications, Editoriale Domus needed to increase speed and responsiveness to drive digital revenue, cut costs, and continue to evolve its digital magazines. As publisher of a dozen print magazines, Editoriale Domus has gradually been going digital to satisfy readers’ increasing demands for online content. Knowing that website performance is critical for attracting subscribers and driving ad revenue, the company turned to Akamai to enable fast, seamless digital experiences for rich, dynamic content – even as traffic rose.

From print to digital, experience matters

Editoriale Domus published its first print magazine in 1929 – the first step in its mission to inspire the future with premium content and experiences. Over the years, its commitment to creativity and innovation has kept the company relevant to the changing tastes of readers, expanding its focus from a single architecture and design magazine to mobility, travel, and cuisine. Today, the company publishes a dozen periodicals, including Quattroruote, its flagship automotive publication; Meridiani Montagne, devoted to mountaineering; Domus, the design magazine from which the company takes its name; and its popular and timeless cookbook series, Il Cucchiaio D’argento. The print magazines reach tens of thousands of loyal subscribers, and many readers still buy them at newsstands – just as they did nearly a century ago.

But times have changed. More people are reading content online – and where readers go, advertising dollars follow. To stay relevant for new generations of car lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and home cooks, Editoriale Domus has spent the past decade building digital versions of its magazines, offering online subscriptions and adding rich, dynamic content to pull people in. The digital property of Quattroruote, the publisher’s top-selling magazine, is filled with in-depth articles, high-resolution photos, interactive content, and compelling video reviews of the latest cars. The content generates a lot of engagement, as readers comment on and share articles. It’s a popular destination for consumers who are in the market for a new vehicle, as well as all-around car enthusiasts, who can browse the site to their hearts’ content and imagine the thrill of a sleek new ride.

Making sure all that rich content loads smoothly without delays or timeouts is critical to keeping readers engaged. People won’t wait for more than a few seconds for a page to load, whether they’re researching fast cars or planning a meal at home. Any lag time in loading a recipe page or downloading a car review video could cause them to leave the site. For Editoriale Domus, speed and responsiveness are top priorities.

As traffic doubles, performance soars with Akamai

When the COVID-19 pandemic spread to Italy, the country went under lockdown, and what had been a gradual shift toward digital suddenly accelerated. Like other publishers, Editoriale Domus saw website traffic spike, especially at the publisher’s popular recipe site,

With restaurants closed, people were cooking at home more often, and many turned it into a pastime, getting adventurous with their meals. Across Italy and around the world, kitchens filled up with the aromas of baked bread, fresh pasta, and homemade desserts. Eager to try new recipes, home cooks flocked to the Il Cucchiaio D’argento website – doubling its traffic nearly overnight.

It was a moment of truth for Editoriale Domus. However, as a longtime Akamai customer, the publisher knew that its websites would withstand the rising wave of digital activity, and there was no need to worry about high web user traffic.

“Akamai made it easy to support the increase in traffic without changing the infrastructure,” says Gianfranco Ferracci, Platform and Service Manager at Editoriale Domus. “By speeding up content delivery, Akamai contributes to our ability to keep customers on the site with a fast, enjoyable experience while serving up more advertisements and driving revenue for the business.”

By speeding up content delivery, Akamai contributes to our ability to keep customers on the site with a fast, enjoyable experience while serving up more advertisements and driving revenue for the business.

Gianfranco Ferracci, Platform and Service Manager

Ferracci is responsible for the web infrastructure, making sure it can support the company’s digital initiatives. Having joined Editoriale Domus five years ago, the company’s investment in Akamai predates him – and he can’t recall a single time when the products or the Akamai team have failed to live up to expectations.

“With Akamai Dynamic Site Accelerator (DSA) and Image & Video Manager, response times have always been remarkable,” Ferracci says. “The performance and ease of management we get through Akamai are the main reasons we’ve relied on Akamai all these years.” 

Ferracci turned to Akamai once again to try and optimize costs. The Akamai team worked closely with Editoriale Domus and quickly found a solution. High origin egress traffic was driving up egress costs for the company, and Akamai saw an immediate opportunity to bring those costs down for Editoriale Domus using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Interconnect, a cloud-first feature of DSA.

“By rerouting our origin egress traffic through the Akamai content delivery network, the Akamai team helped us take advantage of a discount for the majority of our web traffic,” says Ferracci. “That cut our egress costs by 35%, saving thousands of euros every year.” GCP Interconnect is one of the latest Akamai capabilities designed to help customers manage their cloud deployments – as more and more companies move to the cloud. By establishing a direct connection to Google Cloud, Editoriale Domus gained greater control over the exchange of origin traffic, routing it through Akamai for lower costs and better performance.

Editoriale Domus continues its digital journey with Akamai

For users of Editoriale Domus properties, having Akamai behind the scenes has translated to a fast, seamless experience with immersive, interactive content, on any device – even as traffic volumes rise. That means people can find new recipes for their family dinners and explore their dream cars through increasingly sophisticated digital experiences.

We feel confident that Akamai puts us on a path to success by enabling us to deliver premium digital experiences to our readers — under any circumstances.

Gianfranco Ferracci, Platform and Service Manager

For Editoriale Domus, Akamai has made it easy to keep evolving at every level – with faster delivery and new opportunities for cost savings. Faster content delivery has meant more ad impressions and higher cost per mille (CPM), which has translated to more advertising revenue for the publisher. Content publishers can push updates faster through the content delivery network, which is crucial as magazines work to keep timely, accurate information on their websites. And system engineers can easily add new websites or change their configuration, setting up staging environments to test performance through Akamai.

That ease of management has kept Editoriale Domus focused on innovation and investment in areas with the greatest opportunities – creating a remarkable digital experience for its customers.

“Even during difficult times, we continue to advance our digital transformation because it’s the best way to thrive and win in this market,” says Ferracci. “We collaborated with Akamai to launch a premium subscription for Quattroruote, giving customers access to exclusive, in-depth content behind a paywall while reliably delivering the best possible performance.”

This premium online experience has helped Editoriale Domus continue its 90-year legacy of success, adding richer content to increase customer engagement, having Akamai at its back.

“Akamai is a responsive and strategic technology partner, helping us move our digital transformation forward,” Ferracci says. “We feel confident that Akamai puts us on a path to success by enabling us to deliver premium digital experiences to our readers — under any circumstances.”

About Editoriale Domus

Since 1929 Editoriale Domus has been shaping dreams by creating the best products, services and experiences featuring mobility, architecture, design, travel and cuisine. ED’s unique know how is a product of its evolution from media company to information, teaching, and entertainment system generating value for community and stakeholders both. ED’s success is founded on the passion of its people, a team with shared values and expertise that rises to the challenge of change on a daily basis.

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