Kona Site Defender

Integrated protection for websites and APIs against DDoS and targeted web application attacks

Are you struggling to protect your applications against an increasingly diverse range of threats while being asked to implement strategic business initiatives such as cloud adoption and mobile transformation? You have come to the right place. Kona Site Defender is designed to protect your web and mobile assets from rapidly evolving targeted attacks, so you can focus on innovating your business without fear. You get comprehensive protection from latest attacks against your websites and API infrastructure, including DDoS, web application, and direct-to-origin attacks. Virtual patching keeps your application development on schedule while management APIs allow for a seamless integration into your DevOps processes. The Managed Kona Site Defender Service is a managed security service designed to help build a responsive cloud security strategy.

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Mature security practitioners know that the best Application Security and DDoS Protection requires flexible solutions as well as an ongoing commitment to update and customize their security posture. Kona Site Defender provides a flexible solution with an unlimited number of custom rules, protection for mobile applications. Security rules can be fine-tuned further with Client Reputation, added protection for your DNS layer or an emergency DDoS Attack, and bot mitigation are optional add ons. Built on the globally distributed Akamai Intelligent Platform™ Kona Site Defender not only provides protection at scale but also adaptive caching of your content, delivering your customers a supreme end-user experience, even when under attack. A single pane of glass security analytics tool provides visibility to the level of depth you desire and across all mitigation solutions.

Kona Site Defender provides a flexible solution with access to an industry leading Professional Services team that can service your security needs over the long haul.

Akamai is used by 6,000 of the largest online companies, including the top 30 media and entertainment companies, the 20 top global e-commerce sites, 150 of the world’s leading news portals, and 100 of the world’s largest banks. The popularity and ubiquity of our platform gives us visibility into the disposition of both legitimate and malicious traffic, across geographies and industry verticals. That visibility, along with our Cloud Security Intelligence Data Analysis Engine, allows us to deliver customizable, flexible, accurate and scalable application and mobile security.

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