Gartner 2019 Critical Capabilities for Cloud WAF Services

Kona Site Defender

Protect your apps and APIs against the largest and most sophisticated attacks with a web application firewall and DDoS protection at the edge.

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Edge WAF and DDoS protection




Customizable and Automated Protection

Kona Site Defender provides both customizable and automated protection in one solution, while expert-curated rule sets allow you to tailor protection for accuracy in the most challenging environments. Automated protection extends security across your entire application without taxing resources.

Advanced API Security

From automated to tailored protection, Kona Site Defender secures your APIs. Fully automated protection inspects all requests for threats using a negative security model, while a positive security model only allows traffic within predefined specifications.

Zero-Second DDoS Mitigation SLA

Built on the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform, Kona Site Defender is designed to protect your applications from the largest DDoS threats, instantly dropping network-layer DDoS attacks at the edge and responding to application-layer attacks within seconds.

Granular Attack Visibility and Reporting

Executive-level dashboards and in-depth security analytics provide different views into your security events. Integration with other security solutions and security information and event management (SIEM) provides a unified view of security posture.

IP Reputation (Optional)

With visibility into prior malicious behavior against other organizations, the optional Client Reputation service alerts you to traffic coming from known malicious clients, using a risk score in four different categories and tailored to your organization, so you can take appropriate action.

Managed Security Services (Optional)

If your organization doesn’t have the resources or expertise to manage your WAF, Akamai provides optional managed security services to augment your team, from regular configuration tuning to 24/7 monitoring and live attack response.