Health Care & Life Sciences CDN Services

CDN Services for Healthcare & Life Sciences

In a faster forward world, healthcare science industries operate differently. Companies collaborate globally on drug development; physicians turn to portals and customers to their mobile devices for information on drugs, diagnostics and more. Providers host health records online, and clinicians capture data through web-based applications from research organizations. Employees collaborate with peers and partners in online workspaces.

Keep sites and application performance high and leverage the cloud

User expectations for website and mobile performance are exceedingly high. They want rich, dynamic content and online research spaces that are as fast and easy as consumer marketplaces. Applications, whether hosted internally or in the cloud, now need to be delivered globally and for any device type. Akamai optimizes web experiences and applications keeping them fast and reliable on any device, anywhere in the world.

Secure content and users and meet regulatory compliance

As medical applications and information move increasingly to the public Internet, security concerns grow. Organizations must protect their web-based applications to address regulatory compliance, safeguard private information, secure wireless medical device data and prevent system attacks.

The Akamai Intelligent Platform™ protects healthcare and life science companies from DDoS attacks, SQL injections and data breaches. Our 'always on' protection is delivered far from your data center at the edges of the Internet to keep data safe, user engagement consistent and performance high.

"With the Akamai Web Application Accelerator service we can deliver the stellar performance our customers expect without expanding our infrastructure." — Sheridan Richey, VP of Engineering, Advanced MD

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