Domain Group

Domain Group is a very large Australian media real-estate marketing business utilizing Akamai’s products to ensure their digital assets are secure and their customer experience is rich on both web and mobile devices

“When we launch a major advertising campaign you’ll often have time-based triggered events like an edm or like an ad on TV. Reliability of the site during the period of effectiveness of that trigger is critical and it’s at those points that we rely on our edge caching that we get from Akamai.”

Mark Cohen, CIO/CTO, Domain Group

About Domain Group

Domain Group, a Fairfax Media business, is one of Australia’s leading multi-platform property industry destinations. Akamai has helped Domain provide a consistent user experience and secure their data. We help to manage web security by providing a platform designed to allow them to mitigate DDoS and bot attacks.

Domain provides residential, commercial and rural property marketing solutions and search tools, plus information for buyers, investors, sellers, renters and agents Australia wide.

They also deliver CRM technology to real estate agencies, plus property data and research services to property seekers and sellers, real estate agencies, developers, government organisations and financial markets.

The media solutions at Domain are engineered for advertisers looking to promote their products and services to qualified audiences.

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