NDTV delivers multimedia content to its 150 million monthly users, using Akamai’s high-scalable content delivery network.

There is no downtime! On the day India’s parliamentary election results were announced, we had 13 billion hits in a day and we didn’t go down at all

Suparna Singh, Group CEO, NDTV

NDTV is a pioneer in India’s news television. With three major news broadcast channels, and a plethora of hugely popular news and entertainment portals, NDTV is India’s most trusted Media brand.

NDTV partnered with Akamai in 2007. When they were evaluating technology partners, their biggest ask was scaling delivery on-demand. Being a media company that delivers current affairs news, they leveraged Akamai’s content delivery network to seamlessly respond to increased demand during critical news events.

While NDTV grew from being a media-centric organization to NDTV Convergence that also brought e-commerce, lifestyle and mobile apps into the fold, Akamai kept pace by now delivering content to an array of devices through a huge spectrum of bandwidth, in a highly secure manner.

NDTV’s digital assets receive more than 150 million unique visitors every month. On the day that India’s 2014 Parliamentary Election results were announced, NDTV received 13 billion hits with no downtime. This is testament to the hugely successful partnership between NDTV and Akamai.

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