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How Arc Publishing Protects Their Brand — from Infrastructure to End-User Devices


Arc Publishing, owned by The Washington Post, helps journalists to efficiently create content and get it to market quickly. For Arc, security is critical. With Akamai, Arc Publishing secures at the Edge, ensuring that their brand — and their customers’ brands — are protected.

About The Washington Post

The Washington Post is an award-winning news leader whose mission is to connect, inform, and enlighten local, national and global readers with trustworthy reporting, in-depth analysis and engaging opinions. It combines world-class journalism with the latest technology and tools so readers can interact with The Post anytime, anywhere.

About The Washington Post's Arc Publishing

Arc Publishing is an award-winning, state-of-the-art digital platform and suite of tools that’s engineered to meet the demands of modern publishers, brands and broadcasters around the world. Built by The Washington Post, Arc technology handles complex multi-site publishing and audience needs across video, web, apps, subscriptions and ad monetization, providing a competitive advantage enhanced by a set of sophisticated machine learning and AI-powered tools. Arc has powered the digital transformation of clients both large and small across the globe, currently serving more than 750 million unique visitors monthly. At its core, Arc is about speed and innovation: for readers, newsrooms, brands, advertisers and developers.


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