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Expert mitigation against the broadest range of DDoS attacks with industry-leading SLAs

Prolexic solutions provide fully managed DDoS protection for your applications, data centers, and network infrastructure. They combine Akamai’s globally-distributed platform of high capacity scrubbing centers with 24x7x365 Security Operations Centers’ (SOC) fast and effective response to DDoS attacks. With Prolexic DDoS protection in place, your services will remain available and responsive during a broad range of attacks, including high-bandwidth and shifting-vector attacks.

“The Akamai solution minimizes the risk that we’ll be unable to service our customers due to criminal attacks. This frees us from worrying about being the target of an attack and facing legal penalties, allowing us to focus on our business.”
- Andreas Hellwig, CTO,
Fidor TecS
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What is Prolexic

DDoS Protection

Denial-of-service (DoS) and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are a significant threat to any organization with Internet-facing applications and infrastructure. They can cause unplanned outages and disrupt business operations, often at huge financial cost. Today’s DDoS attacks come in many shapes and sizes, from small but sophisticated attacks to large bandwidth busting attacks. Because of the complexity and scale, most organizations lack the resources to effectively mitigate attacks on their own.

Akamai’s Prolexic solutions help protect organizations from today’s DDoS attacks by stopping them in the cloud, well before they reach your applications and infrastructure. With a global platform of high capacity scrubbing centers managed by experienced security experts, Prolexic offers the capacity and intelligence to mitigate even the largest and most complex attacks, whether they’re network-layer (such as UDP or SYN floods), application-layer (such as HTTP GET or POST floods), or even new, never-before-seen types of attacks.

Less business risk

Unplanned outages and disruption from DDoS attacks present a business risk to any organization with Internet-facing applications and infrastructure. Prolexic helps reduce that risk with fast mitigation of DDoS attacks backed by industry-leading SLAs.

Reduce application downtime

While never expected, DDoS attacks are a common occurrence in today’s threat landscape. Prolexic can help organizations proactively prepare for a future or ongoing attack, enabling a faster response and reducing any application downtime when it happens.

Protection against a broad range of attacks

Prolexic has a proven history of stopping the largest and most sophisticated attacks, including never-before-seen attack vectors. Backed by industry-leading SLAs, Prolexic can help reduce business risk and provide greater peace of mind.

Reduced capital and operational costs

Stopping the largest and most sophisticated DDoS attacks requires a global platform with enormous scale and managed by dedicated staff. With Prolexic, organizations benefit from Akamai’s continued investment in platform and people, rather than having to invest themselves.

Flexible protection

Prolexic provides organizations with flexible DDoS protection to meet your requirements, such as protection for individual applications or the entire data center, On Demand and Always On deployment, optional DDoS monitoring, and direct physical connections from Akamai to you.

Integrated SOC

Organizations that deploy the full range of Akamai security solutions benefit from an integrated SOC with a unified attack response that can simplify your security posture with a single vendor to call, streamlined coordination with your teams, and faster response to multi-vector attacks.

Customizable Protection Model

Organizations can protect both individual web- and IP-based applications and entire IP subnets, as well as any supporting network or data center infrastructure. Organizations can choose from On Demand or Always On deployment to match their performance, availability, and security needs.

Dedicated Global Network

Prolexic utilizes a global platform with 18 globally distributed scrubbing centers and more than 7.8 Tbps of network capacity. The Prolexic platform has multiple levels of redundancy, with multiple scrubbing centers per region as well as within each scrubbing center.

Highly-Trained 24x7 Global Staff

Akamai’s global SOC operates multiple locations around the world with more than 150 DDoS-fighting experts on staff. Akamai SOC technicians perform real-time attack detection and mitigation of the latest and largest attacks every day for Akamai’s managed security customers.

DDoS Attack Support

Prolexic provides a fully managed DDoS protection service to help your organization respond to the threat of DDoS attacks, with high-touch customer engagement before, during, and after the attack coupled with a self-service dashboard for real-time visibility.

Service-Level Agreements (SLA)

Prolexic provides industry-leading SLAs for both the time required to mitigate as well as the consistency of mitigation, to help organizations get your business back up and running sooner and mitigate the business risk and potential financial losses from DDoS attacks.

(Optional) DDoS Monitoring

For organizations choosing an On Demand deployment, Prolexic can provide early warning of potential attacks by monitoring your regular network traffic, allowing SOC staff to respond to attacks faster and get your business back up and running in even less time.

Augmenting your security team

Fighting DDoS attacks is a highly specialized expertise that requires continuous “on the job” training to maintain. Rather than employ internal resources whose skills may degrade, organizations can augment their security team with Akamai experts for responding to DDoS attacks.

Complementing existing protections

If you have any existing on-premises solutions in your data center, you can continue using those for small or simple attacks and enable Prolexic as an additional cloud-based layer of protection when on-premises solutions are not sufficient.

Building into your security planning

The initial moments of an attack can be confusing and chaotic. Rather than treat DDoS protection as a form of insurance, Akamai can help organizations build DDoS attacks into their incidence response processes and runbooks to streamline mitigation and reduce risk.

Satisfying compliance or regulatory requirements

Prolexic can help organizations meet any compliance or regulatory requirements for cloud-based DDoS protections.

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